Fly Away

This is a story about a girl... not a regular girl, a girl who can fly. It all started with a dare, she had to climb the 50 foot tall tree, and retrieve the mysterious object shining at the very top. The thing is, she doesn't feel like she belongs at school the only way to be accepted was to be known for something something special. she knew most everyone since kindergarten, but still felt left out. during class she was the smartest person, but it didn't get her far for being known. During break she was always the loner who sat under the tree thinking about life. once she learns to fly she tries to hide her identity, but tries to impress her idols anyway, and on the way she learns what it is like to have friends, or maybe even more.


1. all about me

Hi my name is Angela

you probably have never heard of me, i am a nobody who wants to be somebody.

My life is terrible nothing ever happens I go to school every day, come home, and go to bed. Little did i know that very soon that was all going to change. At school i was in 12th grade, I was a random face in the yearbook. I was really smart and took all AP classes, i was the smartest in the class, but that didn't get me far as being popular. Like all the other girls in school I was obsessed with One Direction, but i hid everything inside my head. I was afraid that everyone would think i was stupid for loving them, I know I know that's stupid it wont do anything to change me from being the smartest, I just wanted everyone to treat me the way i was.

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