1D Wizard Games

Five normal boys from the Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff houses, Harry Styles, the boy who lived (Gryffindor), Niall Horan (Hufflepuff), Liam Payne (Ravenclaw), Louis Tomlinson (Gryffindor), and Zayn Malik (Slytherin), discover a love for music and form a band called One Direction during their year 4 of school. What happens when a deadly game comes to Hogwarts and their lives are at risk?

From Chapter 3 on,my. BFF, Izzy, will be co writing this


8. Chapter 8

Harry's POV:

Lou is keeping watch while all the other boys are asleep. I sneak out and find Iz and James' camp. I grab out my spare wand and paralyze Iz so she can't do anything for what I'm about to do to James. I've got 7 knives, a bow with 9 arrows, and my spare wand. I grab a knife and stab James. He starts bleeding severely. I grab the bow and shoot him in the head. 
I say. I see the spell is starting to wear off Iz a little bit. I paralyze her again. 
I say to James again. I grab another knife and stab him in the gut. The in the stomach. I take the largest, sharpest knife and cut James' foot off. I paralyze Iz again for the fun of it and I shoot James again. This time the arrow hits his arm. I decide to throw a knife at that spot to put him in more pain until he dies. I put another curse on him. Then I stab him again in the stomach and and paralyze Iz again and James. Then I throw another knife at James. He is loosing a lot of blood. His breathing is getting slower and slower. I laugh. I cut one of his hands off and take it and smack him in the face with his own hand. I stab him again and curse him again. I shoot him one last time and paralyze Iz again. I collect all of my weapons before returning to the other boys. 

Iz's POV: 

James huffs. 
he puffs. Im finally able to move. 
"Youre gonna be ok." 
I whisper. I use a lot of my energy to use magic to grow his foot and hand back. I bandage his woonds and tend to them. We move camp and I place charms on it to prevent them from finding it. While James rests, i brew a potion. It will pretty much give me superpowers for the next week. I chug it all down. I can run at the speed of light, stronger then anything on this planet and a whole bunch of other stuff. I kiss James. 
"I love you. Youll be safe and sound with me." 
I say then sprint to their camp in the matter of literally no time. 
 I mutter and their camp flies up in flames. 
"If you mess with him you mess with me" 
I grumble and take out Riptide. 
"Im faster, stronger, swifter, and better then before. You cant beat me, but I can beat you." 
I address. At the speed of light I stab Harry in the back.
 "Thats what you get for messing with James." 
He falls to the ground. A million spells come at me but I dodge them easily. I start stabbing and sclicing at them and every time, i feel that Riptide has reached his target. 

Harry's POV:

I push the boys away. They hide. I stand up to fight Iz. I paralyze her and stab her with a knife. She falls to the ground. 
I whisper. She twitches in pain. I laugh. I run down and throw a sword at James. He falls down bleeding heavily. I run back to Iz who is starting to get up. I grab my bow and shoot her. The arrow hits her arm. I run back and find the boys. They are all fine. It's getting dark. 
"What's going on guys?"
I ask. 
"I don't know. It's the morning!"
Lou replies. 
"Something's not right."
I tell them. I look around. A bunch of monsters come out. We run. They chase us. I can't see what they are. They're kinda like bears mixed with wolves and foxes. And they're trying to kill us. I guess the Capitol is getting bored because no one has died in like a week.

Iz's POV:

I spit out blood. This potion is going to last a while because I watch the knife woond in my stomach heal up. 
I exclaim. 
"Accio wands"
 I mutter. 5 wands fly into my hand. 
I say and their wands burn to ashes. I run into their camp and pick them all up easily and throw them halfway across the arena and they hit the cornucopia with a thud. I stab them all and run off at the speed of light 
"You cant catch me!" 
I scream. I pick James up and I run away. 

Niall's POV:

The boys and I get up and climb on top of the cornucopia. The monsters are still chasing us. They can't climb. We have no idea where Iz and James are though. That's not good. I don't even know how James is still alive. Iz took a potion  that makes her a superhuman so she's still alive. I'm waiting for the potion to wear off so we can kill her. Then she won't be able to protect James. I have a new plan. Kill Iz first and then kill James. I tell the boys. They think its a great plan. 

Iz's POV:

I stop running and build a fort. I have James lay down and rest. I brew three gallons of the potion. I split it with James. We chug it down.
 "I feel great!" James says. He jumps up and watches his woond heal. "Now, battle strategies. How do we kill them?" 
James asks. 
"I dunno. I exterminated their wands. So I guess we just kill them."
 I say

Liam's POV:

We camp on top of the cornucopia for the night. Only 2 of us sleep at once. We need more lookouts. We've been getting attacked a lot at night. We're lucky that were all still alive. Harry, Lou, and I are taking the first shift so Niall and Zayn can sleep. 
"I'm bored."
I say. 
Harry and Lou reply. 
"What's gunna happen when only one of us go home?"
Lou asks. 
"I don't know."
I reply. 
"I guess we just try to forget."
"I don't wanna forget. You guys are the best friends I've ever had. We've had so much fun in the band."
Harry says. 
Lou says. We sit in silence until Liam and Zayn wake up. Then I fall asleep. 

James' POV:

 I put an invivibility charm on us and we sneak up the the cornucopia. I throw a spear and it hits Harry in the head. We jump on top of the cornucopia. They cant see us. We lay down on the top of the cornucopia.
Iz whispers and all of their stuff burns. I smile. 
I whisper

Lou's POV:

I help Harry up and I carry him as the boys and I run away from the cornucopia. I take the spear out of Harry's head. He passes out. I get him to wake up and make him a potion to help him feel less pain and to slow the blood loss. It's also gunna make him stronger for a few days. After I get Harry to take the potion, we continue running. Spears keep flying at us. I catch one and I throw it in the direction it came from. It freezes mid air and James takes off his invisibility cloak. The spear hit him in the stomach. He falls to the ground. Iz catches him and takes off her cloak. I grab a knife and throw it at her. It hits her arm. She gets really mad. She yanks it out of her arm and throws it at us. We all duck and it misses us. 
"Haha sucker!"
I laugh. Niall throws a knife and it hits James next to where he spear hit. We all laugh. Liam shoots an arrow and it hits Iz in the arm. She doesn't even go after us right away. She just tries to help James. I see he cloaks laying on the ground. I grab a few knives and sprint over. I throw a knife at Iz so she doesn't attack me. James is useless already so I don't bother doing anything to him. I grab the cloaks and run off with the boys. I throw another Knife. It hits Iz in the stomach. That'll hold them back for a few minutes. 

Iz's POV:

"James you good?" 
I ask. 
he says and pulls the spear out of his gut. The woond heals instantly, same with the one on my arm. Louis blinks. When he opens his eyes I have him in a headlock. I snap his neck. James snaps Harry's. 
"We're invinvible."
 I say. 
"You cant hurt us." 
James says. We run off faster than they can blink. 

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