1D Wizard Games

Five normal boys from the Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff houses, Harry Styles, the boy who lived (Gryffindor), Niall Horan (Hufflepuff), Liam Payne (Ravenclaw), Louis Tomlinson (Gryffindor), and Zayn Malik (Slytherin), discover a love for music and form a band called One Direction during their year 4 of school. What happens when a deadly game comes to Hogwarts and their lives are at risk?

From Chapter 3 on,my. BFF, Izzy, will be co writing this


6. Chapter 6

Harry's POV:

Logan's cannon fires. Yes! Logan is dead! I'm just gunna kill James and Iz now. The first one to die will be James. Followed by Iz so they can be dead together. They're so in love. The boys and I caught them kissing. It was gross. 
"C'mon guys."
Niall says. 
"We're done with this alliance."
The spell wore off of all of us. Niall is still bleeding though. 
"Accio medical supplies."
I say. I catch it out of the air. We stop Niall's bleeding and leave. We find another river away from the old camp. If I never see them again, it will be too soon. A question runs through my brain. 
"Guys, do you think anyone is gunna miss us?"
I ask. 
"I don't know."
Lou replies. 
"If people did, they would find a way to get us out of this graveyard."
Niall says. I agree with him. It gets dark and Logan's face appears in the sky. I'll never have to see her again. Same with Carlos and Kendall. I'm never gunna have to hear another Barf Time Rush song again after I kill James. Lou and I are taking the first watch tonight. Tomorrow we plan to kill both James and Iz. I will die if it means having the rest of the band go home. I don't know if they will go to kill them with me but I'll go for them. I know I'm gunna die but I'm not going to let my best friends. 

Iz's POV:

 James and I set up camp in a cave next to a brook. I know one curse that ill just use. Im going to do a sneak attack tonight. 
"Good luck" 
James says. 
I say and run off to their camp. 
I say and the two on watch fall to their knees in pain.
 "petrificus totalus"
 i mutter and they freeze instantly. 
i yell and the blast of red light hits the three inside and they heavily bleed. On one of their backs, i carve my initals in their back. IJ. I hide outside.

Liam's POV: 

I was hurt least. I get up shaking and bandage up Niall and Zayn. I put a bandage on my side where it's bleeding too. I help Lou and Harry outside too. Lou and Harry help me find all of the supplies. We all have our wands ready and our weapons ready. We go out and look around. We find Iz. James is no where to be seen. 
I say. Iz falls down. She grabs her wand and points it at Harry. 
"Avade Kevedra"
She says. I'm worried now. 
Harry shouts. Iz is even more furious. She shoots the curse at me this time. 
"Avade Kevedra"
I say. 
Lou says. Iz jumps out of the way this time. Zayn notices that were fighting and comes to fight with us. 
"Avade Kevedra"
Zayn shoots at her. 
When will we be able to kill this girl?

Iz's POV: 

Mad is only the beginning of how I feel at the moment. 
"You cant kill me, you know." 
I say. Theres blood dripping down my face. I laugh and pull out my trident. I throw it and it hits Harry in the gut
I yell and their wand fly into my hands.
 I say and their wands are burnt to ashes. 
"You DONT wanna mess with me." 
I grumble. I take out Riptide.
 "Who's next" 
i say sternly

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