1D Wizard Games

Five normal boys from the Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff houses, Harry Styles, the boy who lived (Gryffindor), Niall Horan (Hufflepuff), Liam Payne (Ravenclaw), Louis Tomlinson (Gryffindor), and Zayn Malik (Slytherin), discover a love for music and form a band called One Direction during their year 4 of school. What happens when a deadly game comes to Hogwarts and their lives are at risk?

From Chapter 3 on,my. BFF, Izzy, will be co writing this


3. Chapter 3


From now on my BFF. Izzy will be co writing this. I hope you like this and plz comment what you think. Thanks. 


 Iz's  POV:

 i just volunteered for The Hunger Games. I know I can win. Im the best witch in this entire school. Im not gunna die. I slip my wand in my back pocket. I glance at the other tributes. I could kill them easily. There are a couple people who i want to make alliances with. I look at James, one of the boy tributes from Slytherin. I want to make an alliance with him. I look around. I see Niall Horan. I want to make an alliance with him. I walk over to him. 
"Hi, Im Iz,i was wondering if you want to make an alliance in the games." 
I ask nervously. I await for the answer.

Niall's POV: 

"Umm sure but if you are in an alliance with me, you have to be in an alliance with the other boys too."
I tell Oz. 
She smiles and walks away. I go over to the boys. 
"We are now gunna form an alliance with that girl Iz from Slytherin. She asked me if I wanted to and she said you guys could be too."
I tell them. 
They reply. We arrive at the Capitol and find where we will be staying until we go into the arena. It's so nice here. We go to bed because its getting really late and we are all really tired and we have to be rested for training. I fall asleep and when I wake up, we go get ready for training. We go to the training center and someone explains stuff to us. She says that we can die from either magic, weapons, or natural causes. We learn the killing curses and how to use some weapons for the whole first day. I learn that I can throw a spear and a knife and hit a bulls eye from 20 yards away. Harry and Lou can shoot a bow and arrow and Liam and Zayn can throw spears kinda accurately and they are really fast and can climb trees. We are in ok shape. Then we all go to master the killing curses and then we go to learn about surviving in nature. We do camouflage, knot tying, fire starting, and locating poisonous foods. We learn what we can do. Then we decide to go see what Iz can do. We find her finishing up training with weapons. We go over to see what she can do. 

Iz's POV:

I walk over to the swords and examine them. I pick one up. On the hilt it has Anaklsumos enscribed on it. I translate the Greek. 
I whisper under my breath. There are 5 moving dummies that charge at me. The first one comes and I roll under it and stab it in the back. The 2nd and 3rd ones come. I stab one in the gut and one in the heart. The 4th and 5th ones come. I sclice the 4th ones head off and stab the 5 th one in the chest. I walk off and see the other tributes looking at me. I put Riptide back. "Ill see you in the arena." i mutter.I see another weapon i like. Its a trident. I pick it up and see how it feels. It feels natural. 6 dummies surround me. I turn and stab one in the gut, then one in the head. I get one in its side and one in the back. The next one i use the killing curse on. Then i throw the trident and it gets the last dummy square in the chest. I smirk. I put the trident back and see James, the boy from my house smiling at me. I smile back. Hopefully Riptide and that trident will be in the arena. From all of the tributes ive seen, im the best at all the weapons and magic. Ill win. But hopefully the alliance im in will do good.

Harry's POV:

Ok. Iz is good. We have a chance to live with her. After the training is done for the day, the boys and I go and get dinner. We eat a giant meal and then go to bed. We need to be rested for tomorrow. There will be more training and then we will show the Gamemakers what we can do and they will score us 1-12. 12 is the best you can get. Then the next day is interviews and the next day we go into the arena. After that we will be dead. I fall asleep. When I wake up, I get breakfast and meet the boys at training. We see Iz. She's with the guy from Barf Time Rush. 
"Hey Iz."
Niall says. 
"Hey guys. This is James. He's gunna be in an alliance with us too."
She tells us.
I say. At least now he will be with us and I'll know where he is so I can kill him easier. I start training. I grab a bow and shoot it. It hits a bulls eye. I go to all of the training places. I'm ready for the games. I watch the other boys do their training and then we go to dinner. After that, we go to bed. I fall asleep. 
I just watched my 4 best friends suffer a terrible death. Iz killed them. It's only me and her still alive. She grabs Riptide and I grab my bow. I shoot my last arrow at her. She ducks under it. She takes Riptide and stabs me in the heart repetitively until my cannon fires so she can go home. 
*End Of Dream*
I wake up. It's 3 in the morning. I can't fall back asleep. I don't know what do do what happens if that dream actually comes true? 

James' POV:

The girl in my house that I have a crush on just asked me to be in her alliance. Of course I said yes. We went to the spear throwing station. She took a spear and hit three dummies square in the chest. So did I. Then we went to the swordsplay station. She picked up the sword she was using yesterday then we fought. She won. I just laughed it off then we got lunch. We walked over to the tables and sat down at one. I got a burger and she goy a salad. 
"You think we'll win?" 
I ask. 
"Yep. With my skills and your skills and the other boy's skills, were detirminded to win" 
she replies. 
 I say. We hung out for the rest of the day then went back to the slytherin apartment.

Niall's POV: 

The boys and I get ready to see the Gamemakers. They will judge us and give us a score. The higher the score, the more sponcerers we will get. I'm gunna throw spears and knives to show them that I can do something. Liam goes in first. We wish him luck. When he comes back, Harry goes. Then Lou. Then me. I go in and grab a spear. I throw it and it hits a bulls eye. I throw another spear. Bulls eye again. I take a knife and throw it. Another bulls eye. The Gamemakers dismiss me and I go wait with the boys until Zayn goes. When he comes back, we get dinner and go to bed. I fall asleep as soon as I shut the light.
I just watched my 4 best friends suffer a terrible death. Iz killed them. It's only me and her still alive. She grabs Riptide and I grab my bow. I shoot my last arrow at her. She ducks under it. She takes Riptide and stabs me in the heart repetitively until my cannon fires so she can go home. 
*End Of Dream*
I wake up. Harry said he had a dream like that last night. Why did I just have it? What happens if that actually happens in real life?

Iz's POV:

James goes in after Zayn.
 "Good luck." 
i whisper and smile at him. 15 minutes later he comes back out and im called in. In front of me is Riptide and the trident. I attach Riptides sheath to my belt and the trident to my back. There are 20 dummies that I have to take out. I am amazing. I take all of them out using a mix of magic, Riptide and trident. The gamemakers are super impressed. After that, James and I go to the Slytherin apartments and go to bed. 

Liam's POV:

 The boys and I are waiting to find out the results of the training. We wait. This dude named Cesar Flickerman announces the scores. Harry gets an 8. Lou gets a 7. I get a 7. Zayn gets an 8 and Niall gets a 9. We wait to see what James and Iz got. James gets 9 and Iz gets a 10. This is really good. Iz got the highest score out of everyone and she's in my alliance. I actually have a chance. Everyone congratulates us and we go with our stylists to  get ready for the interviews later tonight. I get dressed in a tux that makes me look hot. We go to where the interviews will be. Cesar Flickerman is doing the interviews too. I meet the boys. We find out that we get exactly 5 minutes to get everyone to like us. Cesar asks us questions and we have to answer them. It doesn't seem too hard. Just like the tons of interviews that the boys and I have had to do. Cesar calls me out first. He asks me about my stragities and about the band. Soon, the 5 minutes is up and my interview is done. The other boys have their interview and then we go back to the apartments to sleep because we go into the arena in the morning. 

Iz's POV:

James and I wait for our turns to be interviewed. Were last. Im in a short green dress (for slytherin) and James is in a black suit witha green and black striped tie. He looks really good. I have a secret crush on him. Finally, its my turn.Caesar asks what it feels like to have the highest score, and some other things. He says that if he could bet, he would bet on me. Soon, 5 minutes are up. James goes on. 
"James, youre so hansome i bet theres girls dying to date you. Is there a lucky lady back home?" 
Caesar asks. 
"Well, theres a girl I have a crush on, shes in my house."
James replies. 
"Its.. Uh, Iz." 
James says nervously. Oh my god. He likes me. HE LIKES ME. 
"Spend your time together wisely." 
Caesar says. James goes off stage and smiles at me. I smile back. Then, he kisses me. We hold hands and go back to the slytherin apartmeny then go to bed. 

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