1D Wizard Games

Five normal boys from the Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff houses, Harry Styles, the boy who lived (Gryffindor), Niall Horan (Hufflepuff), Liam Payne (Ravenclaw), Louis Tomlinson (Gryffindor), and Zayn Malik (Slytherin), discover a love for music and form a band called One Direction during their year 4 of school. What happens when a deadly game comes to Hogwarts and their lives are at risk?

From Chapter 3 on,my. BFF, Izzy, will be co writing this


10. Chapter 10

Iz's POV:

Professor Snow wants James and I to make a speech for being the real victors, He said we showed excellent strength, courage and bravery. We walk up to the podium and the crowd cheers louder then they did for the other 5. 
"Ok, first off, who thought that performance STUNK." 
James says with a laugh. 97 percent of the school cheers. 
"Well anyway, we won the hunger games, so yep. I personally missed the school. PARTY TONIGHT, OUR NEW VICTORS HOUSE YOURE ALL INVITED!" 
i yell. Everyone cheers and James and I go to our victors house and get ready for our massive blowout party. The entire school, except 1D cuz we didnt invite them, flows in at around 7. We blast the music and party until morning.

Harry's POV:

The boys and I let Niall sleep for the night. He was hurt most in the games. Lou, Zayn, Liam and I decide to stay up talking and not having to worry about someone coming up to murder us. It's nice for a change. We explore our victors houses they're so cool. We've got a trampoline, a pool table, a ping pong table, an air hockey table, and a pool. The beds and couches are bouncy too. We take turns bouncing on the couch. It's so much fun. We compete against each other in a bunch of different games. Lou beat me at ping pong and I beat him at air hockey and pool. I'm really bad at ping pong. Liam beat Zayn at ping pong and pool and Zayn beat Liam at air hockey. We decide to wait for Niall to use the pool for the first time. We've already used everything else without him. The only thing he did first is sleep in the bouncy beds. For the rest of the night, we go against each other in a bunch of games. It's super fun. 

James' POV:

I yell. Half the crowd cheers. I put my drink down and we all grab our wands. Professor Snow gave me permissionto do this. We use spells and charms to trash the house. A couple people break in and grafitti the walls. Then, some boy from Gryffindor goes and charms the one whos sleeping and trashes his room. More Gryffindor kids go and trash the house. I laugh and visit Professor Snow. 
"Thanks for the permission,sir." 
I say. 
"Anything for my favorite wizard." 
He says with a laugh and sets a charm on the house. I go back to our party.

Lou's POV:

A bunch of people come in to trash our house. I don't know what to do. I don't have a wand and the Capitol took our weapons when we came out of the arena. I go crazy. I scare some people out. I chase people out. I kick them and punch them. I find James. He's laughing. I grab his arm and flip him. 
"I learned karate over the summer. Do not mess with me."
I tell him. He stands up and I kick him and then flip him again. He hits his head on the floor. He doesn't try to get up. I think I knocked him out. 
"Anyone else?"
I ask. 
"No? Didn't think so."
Once I get everyone out of our house, I go check on Niall. He's still sleeping. I start to clean out the house. Harry and I start planning what to do to James and Iz now. They don't come to attack us again.  

Iz's POV:

"Actually, me." 
I say with Riptide in my hand. 
"Snow gave me permission to do whats needed here. And I have a group of the best wizards in this school waiting to be called in here." 
I say. I kick Niall in the head. 
"And the Capitol took your weapons. Too bad" 
I say and stab Louis in the arm. I get ready to fight. 

Lou's POV:

I grab the sharpest kitchen knife. I get ready to fight too. Zayn helps Niall up and helps him. I start to fight. I kick Iz. She falls to the ground. I grab the knife and cut her arm. It starts bleeding heavily. I laugh. I cut her arm again. She's bleeding a lot now. I keep her pinned to the ground. Se can't even do anything about it. 

Iz's POV:

I shove Riptide into Louis' gut. I see it come out his back. I feel great. 
"Snows gonna kill you for that!" 
I yell. I end up knocking them all out and I have a Slytherin kid lock them in an enchanted closet where they cant get back. A hufflepuf kid heals me and James. 

Harry's POV:

I wake up. I find that we are locked in a closet. 
I yell. 
"Someone, call Simon. I don't have my phone."
Niall laughs at me. Zayn takes out his phone and calls Simon. He gets us out. 
"Thanks Simon."
I tell him. We leave the closet and then go to find the people who attacked us. They're scared. We are killers. We survived The Hunger Games. They should be scared. 

Iz's POV:

I say. I laugh. James starts to wake up. I grab a sword and give it to James. I get Riptide and go to fight. I walk up to Harry and cut his arm. It starts gushing blood. I laugh. 
"You gunna fight us or not?"
I say. James takes his sword and cuts Harry again. He falls to the ground in pain. I laugh again. Louis comes at us with a knife. He stabs James in the shoulder. I go to help him. Louis tries to stab me. I duck and he misses. 

Niall's POV:

I go to help Harry. Liam, Zayn, and Louis fight. Louis stabs James but misses Iz. Liam tackles Iz and takes Riptide he cuts her and she starts bleeding a lot. I get Harry's bleeding to stop. He stands up but gets dizzy and sits back down. Zayn stabs James. Harry seems ok so I go to fight also. 

Iz's POV:

"No one. Takes MY SWORD!"
 I scream and tackle Louis and start punching him. 
"NO ONE!" 
I get really mad. 
I quick grab Riptide and stab Louis. I kick him against the wall. I roll under Harry as he tries to stab me and put Riptide to his throat. Im breathing heavily. 
"Any sudden moves, and he gets it." 
I say and tighten my grip around Harrys neck.

Louis' POV:

"Do you mean your girlfriend?"
I ask. I get up and tackle Iz. I get her off of Harry. 
"And no one messes with my best friends!"
I yell. I grab a knife and stab her. She screams. Snow must have heard. He comes in to see what's going on.
"Louis! Harry! Liam! Zayn! Niall! What on Earth is going on around here?"
He says. 
"They attacked us!"
I said pointing at Iz and James. 
"I don't see you guys laying on the floor bleeding."
He says. 
"That's because we got our bleeding to stop."
Harry tells him. 
"I don't care. Your are all expelled."

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