a story of death

I know every detail about coke. every little detail, from micro chips the drink, to putting arsenic in V.I.Ps foam. My name is Snowfall. And I am so ready to tell every one about this.


1. I'm

My name is Snowfall, I'm Snowden's sister I have a large-ish chest, and hips, while my waist is skinny as hell, I have hip length wavy, shiny black hair, and blood red lips. I worked for coke. worked. Now I work for No one, except myself. And I am sick and tired of coke and the things they do,I would just love for their secret I worked for coke as a pretty fix it girl, I was also the star of some of their newer commercials. A red tight fitting over the shoulder shirt, loose fitting black cargo pants, with two leather belt belts crossing and a bottle of coke.That was my most well know advertisement.

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