Saved My Life.

Angie thought that she would never have the perfect life. She thought that she would never be happy. After all, she was stuck with an abusive boyfriend and two parents that wanted no part of her. And to top it off, everyone at school hated her except for her best friend, Jenny. The only thing that kept Angie going was her inspiration and idol, Justin Drew Bieber. Her life changed, and so did his. "Y-you saved my life."


1. Prologue

     I was terrified. I had nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. He was coming after me, and there was no way I could stop him. I had to save myself. I pulled out my phone and called Jenny. After three rings, she picked up.

     "Hey Angie. What's up?" I heard her say on the other line.

     "He's coming after me. He's going to kill me."







Author's Note: Hi guys! I hope I left you hanging, haha. This is my first movella and im still trying to get the hang of this whole writing thing. But im really excited to see what you guys think! I'll keep updating as often as possible! I hope you enjoy, because the fun has just begun.




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