Saved My Life.

Angie thought that she would never have the perfect life. She thought that she would never be happy. After all, she was stuck with an abusive boyfriend and two parents that wanted no part of her. And to top it off, everyone at school hated her except for her best friend, Jenny. The only thing that kept Angie going was her inspiration and idol, Justin Drew Bieber. Her life changed, and so did his. "Y-you saved my life."


6. Best Night Ever.

    **JENNY'S POV**

     Ok, so I know you're going to say that I'm a terrible friend to Angie and all, but honestly, it was never my fault. It just....happened. And no, I don't hate Angie, I love her with all my heart! I would never hurt my best friend, and that's why I'm keeping this a secret. It all started around the time when Angie started getting abused. I was really pissed off at Adam, and I was about to fuck him up. I went over to his apartment when Angie wasn't there, and started talking with him. Turns out, he is this amazing guy who loves photography and long walks on the beach. He's a nice and sensitive guy, but that didn't explain why he was hurting my best friend. He said that he was always frustrated, so that's why he took his anger out on Angie. He said that he never meant to do it, it's just that he couldn't control it. Something about him just made me feel different. I kinda started falling for him, after seeing how amazing he could really be. You could say I'm in love. But, I'm really not sure how long this can keep going. If I break up with him, I'm scared he may start beating me too. 

      **ANGIE'S POV**

     I woke up in an unfamiliar room, and I felt someone breathing on my neck. Oh no. It's probably Adam. I started panicking, and I tried to get out of their grip, but it was too strong. I then looked over and I was relieved instantly. It was Justin. I totally forgot about last night, but now I was starting to remember everything again.

     "Good morning beautiful," I heard Justin say. I blushed looking down at the ground.

     "I'm not beautiful," I said with a sigh. 

     "Now who in the world told you that?" Justin said, lifting up my chin.

     "A-Adam," I stuttered, on the verge of tears, remembering all the painful things he's ever called me.

     "Well, fuck him. You should never listen to douche-bags like him."

     "Thanks Jay," I said, lightly pecking his cheek and blushing.

     "So! Are you ready for tonight?!" He asked me, totally freaking out. I chuckled.

     "Um, OF COURSE! What are we doing?" I asked, not baring to wait any longer.

     "Now that is a secret, princess."

     "Ugh! Come on!" I said, laughing.

     "No can do. You'll just have to wait and see tonight."

    **ADAM'S POV (NEW POV)**

     "Jenny! Let's gooooo!" I said, childishly.

     "Hold on! I'm still doing my makeup!"

     "You don't need that crap, you're beautiful the way you are!" I said, watching Jenny as she came down the stairs. She gave me a long, passionate kiss. After about 5 minutes, we finally pulled away.

     "Aww, thanks! But I still believe that I should wear makeup." She said, giving one last peck on the cheek. She was about to head for the door, but I pulled her back by her wrist, making her crash into me. I lifted her chin and leaned in for a kiss. As we started kissing, she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. She pulled the ends of the hair on my neck, making me moan. I then pinched her ass, making her gasp, giving me an opportunity to stick my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance, but mine obviously won. I then pulled back, leaning my forehead against hers.

     "I say we take this to the bedroom." I whispered into her ear seductively.

     "Baby, we're gonna be late for our appointment! And remember, no sex while pregnant." She said, leaning in for one last kiss. We then pulled back and I set her down.

     "Whatever you say," I said winking at her, making her giggle. I then grabbed her hand and we walked out the door.

     **JUSTIN'S POV**

     It's time for our night out. I can't wait to see her reaction when she sees what I'm going to show her. I was putting my hair gel into my hair to get that signature quiff going on, when I heard someone knocking on my bathroom door.

     "Jay! Come on! Wherever you're taking me, we're gonna be late! It's already 6:58!" She yelled through the door.

     Shit. I quickly finished my hair and opened the door to find Angie sitting on the bed, waiting.

     "Sorry Ang, I had to do my hair." I said, smiling at her.

     "Wow. You take longer to do your hair than I do!" She said, cracking up.

     "Yeah yeah, whatever. It takes time and patience to make hair look this good," I said, gesturing to my hair.

     "Ok let's go!!" She said, pulling me out of the bus, onto the street. I hauled us a taxi cab, and gave him the address to the place. It took about an hour to get her to where we were spending the evening, but it was worth it.

    **ANGIE'S POV**

     We were driving in the cab for about an hour. It was exhausting, but I couldn't stop fidgeting around, just thinking about where Justin could be taking me. I heard him thank the driver, and he ran over to open the door for me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards a trail. We then came out onto a little field on a cliff, with a picnic blanket along with a basket draped on the ground right near the edge. My eyes widened in shock from all this beauty.

     "Do you like it?" I heard Justin say, his eyes staring into mine.

     "I love it Justin! It's so beautiful here!" I said, hugging him.

     "Yup, the view sure is beautiful." He said, still staring at me. I blushed a lot, and started giggling. He then led me to the blanket and basket, and we both sat down. Justin started pulling out the food and drinks.

     "So, Angie, tell me something about yourself." Justin said, clearly interested in what I had to say.

     "Well, there really isn't much to say. It's rather sad, really. My parents abandoned me when I was only fourteen, my boy- ex-boyfriend beats me, and I never really was liked by anyone at school, except for my best friend, Jenny." I said, trying to hold back my tears.

     "Oh my god. Angie, I shouldn't have asked if it made you so sad. I'm really sorry," Justin said, pulling me into a bear hug.

     "Thanks Jay. But really it's fine. It actually felt good letting that all out to someone I really trust." I hugged him again, and when we were pulling out, our eyes met. Justin started leaning in, and I did too. I was really starting to fall for him, not that I'm in love already, but I might be soon. As our lips touched, it felt like an electric shock was going through my body. I never felt like this with Adam before he started beating me. This felt really right, and there was no doubt about it. We then pulled out, now looking at each other.

     "Angie, I'm honestly starting to fall for you. I need you by my side. You actually make me happy." He said, smiling down at me.

     "I feel the same way, Jay. Before you came along, I thought I was going to die of misery. But, now that I have you in my life, I would never feel like that again." We both laid down on the blanket, cuddling, when suddenly, I heard Justin clear his throat.

     "Um, A-Angie? Can I ask you something?" Justin whispered.

     "Anything Justin. You know that." I said, whispering too.

     "D-Do you wanna be my princess?" He said, looking down at me. I can't believe he just called me his princess. It makes me feel so amazing, like some kind of warmth is forming inside of me.

     "I do, Justin. I've always have. Even when you didn't know I existed!" I said laughing.

     "I'm so glad to hear that," He said, pecking my cheek. We then spent the rest of the evening cuddling and looking at the stars above us. You could say that it was the best night ever.




A/N: HI! I'm sooooo sorry that I haven't updated in like a million years, but I just have a lot of things on my plate. I'll try to update when I have time, either when it's on the weekends or late at night haha. Please don't stop reading!!!! And comment what you think! Should I keep going with this good boy Adam image, or should I spice things up! Give me your feedback! No comments=No chapters! 









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