Everything becomes worthwhile

I finished school and my life is turning miserable each day. Everything seems wrong until one day...
All you need is the perfect moment and your life turns upside down and everything feels worthwhile.
This story is untrue and I hope you feel the way I do everytime I read it.
Love is beautiful and his smile is breathtaking- we all know that feeling right?


2. Time

The time has come for me to go search for a decent job. I'm fine with being a waitress as long as 
it's a fine cafe/restaurant. So I set off, and luckily I got the chance to get an interview to work at Starbucks. Hopefully I get the job, get a decent cup of coffee each day and a fine bunch of costumers.

One month and University will start for me. My parents wanted me to go to London earlier for me to settle down and get to know the area before I start Uni. Besides I love London! So I'm sure I'll have one heck of a good time once I settle down.

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