Everything becomes worthwhile

I finished school and my life is turning miserable each day. Everything seems wrong until one day...
All you need is the perfect moment and your life turns upside down and everything feels worthwhile.
This story is untrue and I hope you feel the way I do everytime I read it.
Love is beautiful and his smile is breathtaking- we all know that feeling right?


3. Okay then

  First day  to work here at startbucks, neutral feelings. It was a normal boring day at work and I'm finally done. I heard my phone ringing so I got it out of my bag, it was my parents. Finally! I've missed them so much and I'm so glad they called it just made my day. "hello honey" "hey mum" " Darling I want to tell you something, I need to although I know you don't need that kind of drama and trouble in your life right now.." " Tell me mum,what's wrong?" I questioned as I started feeling worried. It obviously doesn't sound like a good thing, so what was wrong with her? " Your dad and I decided..." "yea...?" "we decided to seperate from each other."" WHY MUM WHY" I felt like the worst thing has just happened to me, it felt as though a knife was slowly sinking in my skin. I wanted to hold that tear but it just streamed down my face. I couldn't take it " I just don't understand why! you were perfectly fine." " I dont expect you to understand darling we can't just kep living the way we used to and we're gonna stop now. I dont know if anything's permanent but that's that for now. I thought you had the right to know. Maybe it wasn't the best choice but it sure was the right one, I'm sorry dear, I truly am" and she hung up. just like that.

I sat on the bench nearby with my hoodie almost covering my face, I was sitting legs crossed with my head down, and crying my heart out. " Hello miss, I don't mean to disturb you but you don't seem okay" that voice sounded so familiar but I didn't look up, I couldn't look up, I am a mess and I don't want to cause any  attention. " I'm alright thank you sir" I said tryig so  hard to keep my voice steady. " You know, it's okay not to be okay, we all have our wonderful ups and our disasterous downs.. let me help you, let's eat a meal together and then I'll take you home, and you don't have to worry about anything" I didn't know how to respond. That was such a kind gesture but I couldn't even look at the kind stranger's face. Yet his voice seemed so familiar... " I've got nothig to lose, thank you" I looked up and I couldn't believe my eyes, I rubbed my eyes because nothing seemed real. could it be? no it's impossible. could it be Liam? Liam Payne?

" Yes it's me, I'm Liam, what's your name?" I dont know if he was flattered or anoyed that I knew who he was. Either way, I wouldn't blame him if he was annoyed. He's a worldwide celebrity and one of the five hottest boys from the most famous band on the planet.

" I'm Yasmin, it's nice to meet you. infact I've always hoped that I would one day." "hahaha thank you, you have a wonderful name Yasmin" he said smiling. He has such a beautiful smile that comes out as mega adorable as he talks. " so you wanna go for pizza or icecream? " " let's have both" he said winking at me " haha alrighty then, pizza then ice crea if we dare" " let' do this" he said as we walked off.

As we were walking he had his hoodie on just in case so no one would notice who he really is. We walked next to the busy roads on the busy sidewalk in this busy day but it felt like we were the only ones there. Walking with Liam is sure to be the best feeling I've ever got so far in my whole life. He held my hand when we crossed the streets as he made sure I never crossed it alone, he told me some cute stories and we didn't even mention the band, it was just me and him.


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