Everything becomes worthwhile

I finished school and my life is turning miserable each day. Everything seems wrong until one day...
All you need is the perfect moment and your life turns upside down and everything feels worthwhile.
This story is untrue and I hope you feel the way I do everytime I read it.
Love is beautiful and his smile is breathtaking- we all know that feeling right?


1. Blank page

So this is it, I've flown all the way from Amman, Jordan (The MIddle East) to this place. I can tell you that I'm actually very excited. I get a little butterflies every now and then but overall I felt like there's no time to waste. I wanted to make the most out of my trip especially that I got the opportunity to study in London, England. I thought of it as a chance to meet new people and make new memories and get more experiences; besides, it's only a matter of time until I return to Amman.

I arrived to the place I was staying at. It was a small flat; one room, a kitchen and a bathroom.
I don't need more anyway do I? so it's good enough for me. I was actually quite flattered. This was also the first time ever for me to live on my own. This meant great responsibility and kept my mind busy. I'm trying not to think about it and I kept calming myself that I will make enough money as soon as I start working. And anyway my parents will be sending me a monthly sum of money that I could benefit from. 


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