the twin

what happens when zoey ends up be a twin to one of the members of one direction what will happen read to find out


4. chapters 4


  olivia calmed down in tell she saw one direction well zayn liam and harry she started going insane agian and then niall came down the stairs and she stoped and stared and so did niall werid


olivia pov

OMG i cant belive im seeing and hanging out with one direction ahhh i know im acting crazy but i mean its one direction and then niall came down and i just shut up and stared i had butter flies in my somach it was just wow thats all i can say


niall pov 

i heard yelling down stairs so i walked down and saw her and just stared i dont know why but i had bombs in my somach and i hope this isnt the girl louis was talking about i heard him talking about a girl named zoe or something he really likes her i could tell that he did just the way he talked about her i stoped staring and ask louis who are they 


louis pov 

niall was staring at olivia i think he likes her already maybe he found his princess he asked who they were and i gladly answered

zayns pov

i saw zoey she seemed pretty cool and she was really pretty i think i like her i hope louis isnt dating her i would be torn 

liams pov 

wow zoey was amazing shes so beatiful and she seemed so calm and i really like her but it seems that louis already got her thats pretty upsetting 

nobodys pov 

they all ended up watching movies toy story nemo titanic and paranormal and olivia ended up sleepping by niall and liam and zoey ended up sleeping cuddled up on the couch and the rest fell asleep on the grund.

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