the twin

what happens when zoey ends up be a twin to one of the members of one direction what will happen read to find out


8. Chapter 8

Olivias pov 

i woke up with Harry screaming I ran down stairs with Niall hot on my trail I saw zayn and Harry flipping out  with sharpie their head and Harry's hair  Straightened yep this is defiantly Zoe's work I looked at Niall and on his forehead and it said I love oil is jarrett I looked at my feet and felt my checks getting hotter Niall was doing the same thing so I must have the same thing on my me , Louis and Zoey ran away with Harry and zayn running after them Niall looked at me lets go to my room he said more question yea sure I said we went to his room and layer down and patted the spot next to him I laid a little unsure he started talking you know Olivia I really,really like you I like you to mr. Horan I said a little em embarrassed he then Tangled our fingers together will you go on a date with me he said Nervously of course I would Niall I went to kiss him on the cheek but he moved his head last minute and I crashed into his lips he was surprised at first but then grabbed my cheeks I ran my hands though his hair we were sharing a long Passionate kiss when Harry waked in and yelled my eyes and shut the door I looked a Niall with a Idiot smile I could she him smiling like an idiot to we just layed in bed and talked till we fell asleep 

Zoey I ran into the living area after Harry walked off I was thinking in tell I thought where's Liam I asked zayn and harry they both didn't know where he was I Put on my boots and left walking I saw a park so I walked up to to see Liam ,.. Wait was Liam... Crying?


liams pov I was crying for about an hour now when I saw zoey looking at me I tired to hide my face but she already new I was there dang it she walked up to me and sat by the awing next to me she looked up what's wrong Liam she asked I just looked at the ground she then grabbed my hand Liam please tell me what's wrong she bagged I looked up at her and said its stupid it doesn't matter she then Gripped my hand harder and said Liam its making you cry so it must be very important I Looked up and ask did it really mean nothing she seemed takin back um welmi ugh no she looked down let's go home I said you mean your guys uhh yea we walked home in silence if only I knew what she was thinking






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