the twin

what happens when zoey ends up be a twin to one of the members of one direction what will happen read to find out


7. chapter 7

louis pov

we went up to zayns room first and zoey and i had a sharpie so we wrought i want to marry a mirror and zoey wrought im in love with zoey stevens on his for head we stole his hair products and hide them under nialls bed and wrought on him im a pig and zoey wrought im in love with olivia jarrett on his for head and wrought on olivias head im in love with niall we then reached harrys room and wrought im obsess over pussy cats and zoey wrought i toss my hair she looked at me and said what i listen to olivia obsess over you guys all day long then she grabbed a strantiner and straitend his hair we snuck down stairs and hid all the food in zayns room we hung out on the couch and then we heard Harry scream and run down and there's came too zayn started screaming when he looked in the mirror which was right next to the couch Niall and Olivia were blushing at each other and Harry looked like he can kill someone me and Louis ran and ended up in the basement the doorknob shaked a little Louis does the basement have a key I asked  yeah why then the opened to see Harry and zayn hmm I wonder where Niall and Olivia are they charged at us and zayn grab me and Harry said try and get your princess Louis, noooooooooo not the carrot princess then zayn and Harry took off with me we were hanging out in the room and they wouldn't lite me out ughhh can i go noooooooowwww Harry shore his head no a minute later Louis burst through the door and said un hand my carrot princess he grab me and went down stairs so I'm your carrot princess he looked down and started blushing ccaracul mad I ur uhh um w w well s s so sorry  I I I he shuddered its cool Lou bear he looked up and said Lou bear? Yeah that's your new nick name I can only use I said proudly ohh we'll okay Zoe bear he Lind in and then Harry came though he- wow sorry and left I went into nialls room to find Olivia when I saw......... 


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