the twin

what happens when zoey ends up be a twin to one of the members of one direction what will happen read to find out


3. chapter 3


                                                                         next day

i cant belive you meet louis without me you could of texted me i cant belive you olivia complained im sorry for the last time i didnt know who he was at first and plus you wouldnt have been the on time if i texted you i defended i know but ' beep beep' she was cut of by my phone i looked at it and it was mesage from carrot king? it must be louis im guessing 


from carrot king:

hey its louis i was wondering if you wanted to hang out at our place with the boys!?!! :D

to carrot king

um sure but can i bring my friend? i dont want to leave her alone

from carrot king: 

yeah sure whats your address? ill pick you guys up

to carrot king

stone parks 28693 ( its a made up address )

from carrot:

okay on my way see you in 10 minutes 

hey olivia do you want to go hang out with the boys at their house i ask

ahhhhhh as in one direction at their house she screamed

yes if you calm it girl i said

yes i will she she screamed while running up stairs 

wow shes insane if you ask me while i better get out of my footie pj's yes i wear footie pj's what can i say im a kid at heart 



there was a knock at the door and then a scream im guessing olivia meet louis  i hurried down the stairs to see olivia hugging louis to death olivia calm your tits i said she stop hugging but still had i HUGE smile and said how can i okay so lets go louis asked uh yea lets go and we left

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