the twin

what happens when zoey ends up be a twin to one of the members of one direction what will happen read to find out


1. chapter 1Z


     Let me tell you about me:

 my name is zoey stevens I have long brown curly hair, bright blue eyes,freckles on my checks,im 5.5 i live in londan i was adoptad when i was 2 years old i have a younger brother named jake he is 12 and even though hes not my real brother i still treat him like one im pretty carefree i love to wear snapbacks my favorite things to do is wrestling and watching older cartoons like tom nd jerry my favorite color is red i love wrestling, me and my best friend Olivia have been wrestling for 9 years together im 18 and i just graduated a week ago im living in an apartment with liv (olivia). thats pretty much it



                                                            8:30 in the morning 

i woke up from olivia slapping me to make breakfast, sense she doesn't know how to, and last time she burnt footloops i don't even know how?

O=olivia Z=zoey 

O make breakfast zoooooe 

Z fiiiiinnne 

O well hurry up we are going shopping today 

Z what why we went shopping two days ago

O i know i know but i heard one directions going to be there ahhhhh i cant wait

Z ughh you act like their gods there people to you know 

O have you seen them they are gods 

Z yeah yeah yeah i've herd it befor 

O ohh shut up you love them 

Z rigggght well breakfast is done

O no time we got to go 

Z fine let me get change first werido

O hurrrry

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