the twin

what happens when zoey ends up be a twin to one of the members of one direction what will happen read to find out


14. chapter 13

zoeys pov

niall walked in and layed by me on the hospital and stayed quiet for awhile till he asked

how ya doing 

im okay i guess

im sorry if you hate me but i didnt know till know 

i dont hate you its just alot to take in 

yeah i know 

do the boys know 

i dont think so

can you tell them

yeah of course 

we snuggled up and well fell asleep



i woke up from zayn coming and yelling guess what!!!!!!!!!1

ughh what niall said grumpyly

she said yes she said yes she said yes zayn yelled exsidedly 

who did i said 

kira did she said yes shes my girlfriend!!!!!!!!! wait why are you gys snuggled up with each other

uh were kinda well maybe twins niall said

WHAT!!! zayn said 

yeah but dont tell the other boys yet i said

okay okay but how did you guys find out zayn said

well my ughh our mom told us and yeah niall spoke

wow that explains why you guys look so alike zayn said

yeah i guess but i never saw it i said

yeah well of course you didnt but i got to go zayn said

okay bye me and niall said at the same time

creppy zayn said

how me and niall said at the same time again 

omg im getting out of here zayn said and left




it has been two mouths sense me and niall got out of the hospital and everyone knows about me and niall being twins well not the public, me niall and olivia are in a happy relationship and moved in with each other in a house down the street. zayn and kira are doing a duet and kira moved in with zayn at the boys house well liam zayn and harry, and me and louis moved in to a cute little house a five miles away , me , olivia and kira are really good friends and kira is a really good singer and a great dancer 


louis pov 

i woke up to see my beatiful girlfriend gosh what would i do without her she snuggled up to me , i played with her hair and twirled it in my fingers she seemed so peaceful. i kissed her lips softly as i lifted my head up to see her smirking which indecated she was up. i takeled her and started tickleing her. 




okay so im gonna stop this book. i know i just started it but i cant think of anything else to say in the book im idealess im truly sorry 


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