the twin

what happens when zoey ends up be a twin to one of the members of one direction what will happen read to find out


12. chapter 12

nialls pov

some guy just walked in my room he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a knife he put it up it my head when the door opened i looked to see zoey at the door see said ill just go she shut the door and opened it slowly and came in and jumped on the guy and tackled him before anyone could lift him off she was stabed really bad it was deep i went and felloff the bed and came to her i looked at her and she shut her eyes they rushed her to a different room a nurse came in and asked if anyone of use have o- blood i rasied my hand she put a needle in my arm and left she came back a couple hours later and asked mr. horan can you call your parents um why im not that bad she gave me a werid look and said for your sister i dont have one i said a little confused um can you just call your parents uhh yeah i guess i called my mom

hey mom can you come to stoneparks hospital

yeah what happened 

well im here but the nurse said something about my sister

ill be there in a half hour 

okay bye 

she hung up with out even saying bye werid well i guess its a good thing she came to viset a week ago 


later .......


nialls pov 

my mom came in and asked for zoey she knows who zoey is werid she went to a different room i hread crying and then she came in my room 

hunny you know i love you 

yeah whats going on 

well zoey and you are

are what


what no i said with tears


why didnt i know

because i didnt want you to be upset

why did you why

hun i couldnt afford three kids so i put you guys for adopitson and they came and picked her im sorry

i uh can i be alone


she left

i cant belive it shes my sister and wait i let her get her and ughh i wish i knew she must have been through alot of pain and its my fault she wouldnt be hurt uhhh


zoeys pov

i just wake up and there was deep pain in my stomach and thats when it came back to me wait wheres niall is he okay a lady waked in and said hi zoey i looked at her and said do i know you

well no im nialls and yours

wait what

zoey you and niall are twins 

no i cant be i mean his the niall horan and im just me

well let me explain

explian what that i spent my life wishing i knew who you were knowing that you hated me i cried 

i did not hate you i had no choise

what do you mean no choice 

i couldnt afford you


as you wish

i sat there thinking i am nialls twin and she gave me up she hated me ughh why

i wish i could talk to niall i wonder if he knew  about 7 minutes later niall walked in

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