the twin

what happens when zoey ends up be a twin to one of the members of one direction what will happen read to find out


11. chapter 11

liam pov

we opened the door to see niall awake with his brused face on the uncomtrable hospital pillow how are you doing mate harry asked ashamed he just nodded and looked away look mate im sorry i just i mean i didnt mean to hurt you i dont know what came over me im sorry harry stated with guilt niall stared for awhile then nodded unsurely the nurse came in and said can we have one person at a time she asked with a tired look yes ma"am i said she left the room slowly unsure if i was lying okay me zayn louis olivia harry then zoey i assumed they all nodded and then left 

hey how ya doing niall

im okay i just have a really bad headach

ill get you some pain medison in a minute

okay thanks

so what happend


well ill go get you that medion 

i walked out and found a nurse hey um niall needs some pain medison oh um yeah she walked off and came back with a cup of water and two pillls thank you i walked off and headed to his room 


i walked in his room and handed him the pills and water thank you no problem im going to get zayn i walked out and got zayn and told him its his turn everyone had said what happend how are you and yada yada then it was zoeys turn she looked really worrid even though hes alright


zoey pov

i walked in worridly i dont know why but i feel pretty close to him even though i only have known him for a couple days 



so um what were you and harry fighting about


it was not nothing your in a hospital bed

he stared for awhile then said he said he liked her


olivia i i think i love her 

you do omg

dont tell anyone and its not like she likes me back 

actullay she does she adores you niall your just to blind to see

s s she d do does 

yeah well im going to go 

okay bye 


i left feeling horrible what if he gets hurt whay if keep going around my head in tell i bumped into someone

ohh sorry ma'am 

ohh its okay 

um do you know where room b15 is

um nialls room

are you a fan

no were just friends here let me take you to the room 

ohh thank you

um so whats your name

just call me joe

okay well hear it is 

he opened the door and shut it right away somethig didnt feel right i feel fear i opened the door to see joe with a knife up to nialls head

dont move 

ill just go i shut the door i opened it upslowly and tackled the guy niall tried to help but couldnt because of his broken rib before the secerity could help me i felt a sharp pain begian to from and get worse by the second i felt disy and the last thing i saw was niall with a terrifid face


clift hanger and who want to be zayns girlfirend just put your name and descirptson and ya

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