A New Beginning

You were the biggest nerd in your school and your parents decide that you move to L.A. And you thought everything is going to be worse since you were a nobody, little did you know everything was about to change....


1. Saying goodbye

My name is Jenny and I'm the biggest nerd in the whole school.My best friend for life is Chloe.

So I was in this school since i was in grade 2 and it was the middle of the year so my parents decided we move to Los Angeles. I am DEVASTATED!!! How am going to tell Chloe I'm moving after 1 week. I didn't sleep well because I was thinking of how to break it to Chloe. I woke up really tired I went to take a shower and kept the water warm so I can calm down. After my shower I curled my straight brown hair and put on leggings with a sweatshirt and black converse. I sat on the edge of my bed thinking of how to say it what would she feel? Abandoned? I REALLY don't know! I made her a quick card saying I'll miss her and I went to eat breakfast. I ate my lucky charms cereal kissed my mum (Anne) goodbye and left. At school I walked to my first class, Science. Chloe smiled at me softly and greeted me, I smiled  back and told her we need to talk. After what seemed forever the bell rang and we went to our lockers. She said what did you want to talk about?

Chloe's P.O.V.

she told me it was bad news and I frowned and told her what's wrong? I saw tears going down her cheeks so I hugged her and told her I'll give her my support, barely audible she said ok. She Sid she was moving in one week. I stopped thinking I looked at her and felt a huge lump in my throat. I started tearing and hugged her. She then gave me a beautiful decorated card. I thanked  her and went to my next class.

Jenny's P.O.V. 

After school I went home and sat on my bed and played with my dog (puffle) . I had dinner and went back upstairs. I saw a text message from Chloe 


hey, I'm gonna miss you! Can we hangout tomorrow? 


Sure at your house?


Yup! Bring a few movies with you plz ;)

To: Chloe



Author's note: First story I ever wrote. Hope you enjoyed reading. Should I continue? - Zuzu1D


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