Kenzie Collins just graduated high school and she move to LA to start her career in singing.


5. Dinner

The sun started setting in the distance casting a beautiful sunset over the ocean water. The breeze from Michael's convertible felt refreshing from the hot humid air from earlier. After driving around aimlessly in the towns of LA , we all drove over to Luke's girlfriends house. When we pulled up the house was huge. There were huge white columns leading up to the house and right when you walked inside the house there were two grand staircases and a giant chandelier hanging. Ashton and I stood awkwardly as Luke walked up to his girlfriend and placed a kiss on her cheek. She had beach blonde hair and her eyes were the color of the ocean. It looked like she grew up here in LA. 

"Hi, I'm Danielle but you can just call me Dani!" She said holding her hand out for me or Ashton to shake. I shook her hand back and introduced Ashton and I. She lead us to the dining room where a long brown dining table was covered with a white cloth and maroon colored plates. Ashton pulled out a seat for me and he sat down next to me. I honestly feel like I'm not dressed properly to be eating a fancy dinner with rich people and I can tell Ashton is thinking the same exact thing. Luke sat down next to Dani and he kissed her cheek once again. The waiter brought out our food. It was steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. It wasn't as fancy as I thought if would be. 

"Ashton, do you drum?" Michael says changing the subject Dani and I were having about the beach and shopping. Ashton nodded as he was filling his mouth up with steak. All 3 boys looked at each other and back at Ashton. Ashton seemed as confused as I was. 

"Really?!" Calum screamed. "Are you good?!"

"I guess." Ashton shrugged. Calum sat up and his chair flew backwards and ran and grabbed Ashton's arm and the 2 other boys followed, Dani and I running behind. They lead us to the basement where a huge studio was set up. Ashton and I were in awe. 

"My father is a music producer." She smiled. 

"Play something on the drums Ash!" Calum screamed estaticly. Ashton sat down and drummed away and once he was finished all three boys jumped up and down and screeched like little girls getting a pony for her 5th birthday. 

"You're awesome mate! You're so in! We need a band name!" 

Dani and I walked back upstairs so she could show me the rest of her house. We were outside looking at the pool when the boys ran upstairs to find us. 

"5 Seconds of Summer!" All four boys yelled.

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