Kenzie Collins just graduated high school and she move to LA to start her career in singing.


3. Change Your Life

The next morning I woke up early just to take a walk on the beach. I left a note on our kitchen counter so Ashton knew where I went.

i'll be at the beach xoxo Kenzie.


I threw on a floral shirt with high waisted shorts and I threw my hair up. I hopped in one of the two cars Ashton and I had rented for the summer. My car was a cute red convertible buggy. When I arrived at the beach I wasn't so suprised by how many people were there. I took my shoes on and started walking along the beach. The sand against my toes felt amazing. I couldn't believe I was finally in LA. This had been a dream of mine since I was younger. My phone buzzes in my pocket. It was mom.

Hey darling- how is everything?(: - mommy.

I smiled as I was texting back something or someone slammed right into me. I fell backwards. I quickly grabbed my phone and looked up to see a brown headed boy already standing in front of me. 

"I'm so sorry!" He said as he offered to help me up. I grabbed on his hand and with little effort I was back on my feet. I was amazed. He was really good looking. Two guys ran up behind him asking if he was alright and then their eyes focused of me. I turned around to see if they were actually looking at me and turned back around. 

"You lived around here?" Asked one of them.

"Me? Oh no. I'm just here with my best friend for the summer.You guys live here?" 

"We moved here from Austrailia. You and your best friend want a tour around LA?" Said the one boy who ran into me.

"Yeah sure! By the way my name is Kenzie." I held my hand out for them to shake. 

The boy I ran into smiled and shook my hand. " My name is Calum, this is Micheal and Luke." Calum handed me a piece of paper with his number on it and with that we said goodbye and I headed back to my car. I was really looking forward to spending more time with Calum.

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