Kenzie Collins just graduated high school and she move to LA to start her career in singing.


4. Boys

When I got home Ashton was lying on the couch watching TV eating a sandwich. 

"Hey Kenzie how was the beach?!" He immediately said as I walked through the door not even taking his eyes off the TV. 

"It was nice. I meet some boys." 

"KENZIE TALKING TO BOYS?!" He laughed with a mouthful of sandwich in his mouth staring at me. 

"We'll it was by accident. He ran into me well I ran into him I don't know but he offered to take us on a tour of LA." I smiled at Ashton and he returned his smile his dimples slightly showing. 

"Sounds fun. I'll get ready in a few." 

I ran upstairs to my room into my closet. I threw on something comfy. Ashton walked in while I was putting on some makeup.

"You know you don't need makeup right?" He said sitting on my bed watching me put on eyeliner. 

"Yeah well I want to wear makeup." I gave him a smirk looking away from my mirror. We stared at each other and all of a sudden a knock interrupted. Calum was here. I quickly ran downstairs to answer the door. Ashton was taking his time down the staires. 

"Hey Kenzie you look beautiful!" Calum shouted as I opened the door.

"You ready to go? Where is your friend?" He continued.

Ashton waved his hand as he appeared right behind me. We all walked out to the car where Michael and Luke were sitting listening to music. Ashton and I hoped in tha back seat next to Calum. Calum was telling me all about him and his family and also about Michael and Luke. Ashton was sitting to himself drumming to the beat of the song on his thighs. 

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