Kenzie Collins just graduated high school and she move to LA to start her career in singing.


2. Best Friends

I was amazed at the house Ashton had been able to rent for the summer. It was big, 3 floors, a gated drive way. Our living room was 10x the size of mine back at home. Our kitchen had stainless steel appliances and graint counters. Upstairs was mine and Ashton's room, each having their own bathroom and walk in closet. My room was a turquoise color with nice black sheets and blankets. The window from my room had the nicest view of area. I was so greatful Ashton's parents wanted to help pay for our trip. I say down on my bed amazed by everything. It was the first time I had been out of state. Ashton came in my room and lied down right next to me.

"So what do you think?" 

"I think your parents are awesome! Look at this place" I screamed astonishedly. He smiled admiring his good work. I lied down next to him. 

"Just promise me no matter what happens this summer we will continue being best friends." I broke the silence between us. He looked at me and smiled and nodded. We lied there in silence again. The only noise we heard was Ashton drumming his hands on his stomach as always. He was always drumming. I wasn't really into drummers. I liked boys who played guitar. But I always supported Ashton every step of the way. Dinner time came around and we just decided to order some Chinese food. Ashton and I have this tradition of getting Chinese food once a month and opening our fortune cookies at the same time. I started to open mine without him noticing

"HEY what do you think you are doing there young lady?!" He yelled at me from across our wooden dining room table. I have him a smirk and threw him his fortune cookie. He read his fortune first. 

Do what you love most and don't let anyone stop you 

"What's yours Kenzie?"

The person you may love if right in front of you.

"What does that even mean?!" Him and I bursted out into giggles and laughter. This summer is going to be amazing.

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