My Life At Hogwarts

It's 19 years after Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord and now he, and his old classmates have children starting and already attending Hogwarts. This is the story of Sabrina Malfoy, Harry's old enemy Draco Malfoy's daughter. Will she find friends and enjoy her time at Hogwarts? Or will disaster strike? Who knows? After all, this is Hogwarts we're talking about.


1. Hi, I'm Sabrina.

Hi, I'm Sabrina. Sabrina Malfoy. I'm 11 years old and am a twin. My twin is Scorpius and I'm 8 minutes older than him. We're unidentical twins so look NOTHING alike. He has our dads bright blonde hair and I have our mum's dark brown hair. Scorpius has brown eyes, I have blue. We're both a similar height though, which is fairly short:/ 

We'll soon be getting our letters to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Both our parents are pureblood and were in Slytherin. If I'm honest, I'd much rather be in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw as i have no personality traits that a Slytherin would have.

Fingers crossed I get a good house and that Scorpius and I are together. Maybe I'll get to have an exciting adventure like Harry Potter did when he was at Hogwarts! Did you know my dad went to school with Harry? How amazing is that?!? Apparently they didn't get along though which is a shame as I'd love to know him and be friends with his children-I think one of them is my age. I don't know.

Anyway, I have to go as the owl post is here with mine and Scorpius' Hogwarts acceptance letters hopefully!!

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