Fake Girlfriend (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Everyone knows Harry as the heartbreaker. The guy who plays girls, parties and has the looks. What happens when the roles are reversed? Harry falls for Olivia but what harry doesn't know is it is all a bet.


2. Chapter 2

"When?!" We always dreamed of us both getting married to a rich, handsome guy. We would each be each other braidsmaid and be there for them when we each had kids. It seemed like her dream was planning out, as mine was still in the making.

"A month. I have been waiting till today to tell you so i can ask you in person." She reached in her person and pulled out a Tiffany and co. box and handed it to me. "This is for you." I smiled at her and slowly opened the box. Inside was a piece of paper "Will you be my bridesmaid?" It clearly said. Under it was a diamond necklace in the shape of a O.

I looked up at her in disbelief. "Yes i would love to!" I than hugged my best friend. After lunch we went shopping and we made little plans for the wedding. We stopped by Davids Bridle to try on wedding dresses. I wasn't getting married anytime soon but Sara refused to just let me sit and watch her try them on. After begging me to try some on with her i finally gave in. After 2 hours at the store and over 5 hours at the mall in total we said our goodbyes.

The car ride home was quit, i just was thinking to my self the whole time. It was a matter of minutes i was home. The house looked clean too clean. What is it? I than realized the boxes! Everything was put away nothing was lying around. You couldn't even tell 5 teenage boys were here. "Harry" I screamed.

"In here." I heard him scream from the music room. The music room had a recording booth, to a piano, guitar, some microphones and a drum set.

"How was your day?"

"Awesome. Sara is engaged!"

"What? That's great!" He kissed me. "What's this?" he asked messing with the O necklace i got from Sara.

"Sara gave it to me when she asked me to be her bridesmaid."

My eyes were starting to droop as i slurred my words." Babe, are you tired?" He laughed.

"mmmmhmmm" I slowly started walking away, as harry picked me up and carried me to our room. I didn't even have the energy to change out of clothes.


So i guess you can tell i dont know anything about Football or my soccer but Google is my best friend and helped! Its been a while since updated so i thought id make it long! I hope you liked!

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