Fake Girlfriend (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Everyone knows Harry as the heartbreaker. The guy who plays girls, parties and has the looks. What happens when the roles are reversed? Harry falls for Olivia but what harry doesn't know is it is all a bet.


1. Chapter 1

"Babe?" Harrys raspy voice boomed in the almost empty room.

"Yeah?" I sighed. I still couldn't believe I agreed in moving in with Harry. The money was all worth it. I took one last look at my old living room.

"Thanks for doing this, I know how much you love this place but at least we can be closer." He than spun me around bringing me into an embrace. I hugged back like I meant it. I really just wanted him off of me. When he let go he grabbed my hand and leaded me to the car.

Acting like I liked Harry was harder than I ever thought. Most people thought I wouldn't last a month "dating" Harry, so I took the bet. Every month money kept getting added on. It has already been 6 months. I don't like Harry. He's a nice guy yes but I would never like him anymore than a friend.

We finally arrive at Harrys place, I mean 'our' place. All my stuff are in boxes already in his house, ready to be taken out and placed around the house. "Do you want to eat out tonight?" I asked taking out all the silverware out from  the box and putting them in drawers.

"Yeah, where would you like to go?" Harry asked. He grabbed the cups out of the box and put them in cabinets.

"How about that little italian place down the street. It looks cute." I smiled and wrapped my arms around his torso.

"Maybe, you should shower" I said.

"Oh why would that be?" He raised an eyebrow

"Because you might…" I said slowly backing away "Smell." I said and ran. Harry chased me all around the house. Both laughing, I ran into our room and hurried to locked the door.

"Livia, thats not fair!" Harry said on the other side of the door laughing. "Open up."

"No!" I screamed. Once i heard Harrys foot steps distance i pulled out my phone


O: I just moved into Harrys house. This money better be worth it!

C: Haha good luck:)

I haven't heard Harry in a few minutes. I wonder where he is. Right as I thought that a pound come from our window. It wasn't a knock no it was a forceful pound. My first thought was hide so I dunked as fast as I could and started crawling. Once I was close to the bathroom I heard Harry's laugh. I looked around in confusion still hiding in till I see harry climbing through the window.

"Harry!" I screamed! He was still laughing but now on the floor and harder. "You freaking scarred me Harry!" I was still yelling

"You… should... have... seen..your...face..." Harry said between laughs.

"I hate you." I said. And  partly meant it. " Go shower."


After harry showered. We went to the restaurant.


Dinner went slow but we took our time. I didn't mind fancy dinners with Harry I mean free expense food. I actually loved them. Yes, I had to listen to Harry talk and I had to act like I cared but the free food was all worth it. I took a shower and laid down next to Harry in 'our' bed.

"I love you." Harry said kissing my forehead. I mumbled "you too" and acted like I fall asleep. After a couple minutes I actually did fall asleep. 

I woke up to the tv blaring down stairs. I groaned and walked down stairs. There, Harry and his 4 friends sat watching tv.

"Didn't you know its rude to blare tv while someone is sleeping?!" I asked sassy.

"Sorry babe." Harry said. I just rolled my eyes. All the boys focused on the tv again and I decided that food will help my mood.



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