Will This All End By Heartbreak?

Daniela has loved Harry Styles for practically all her life. But one day lots of rumors came out that Harry Breaks up will all of his previous girlfriends. So Daniela decides to get over him to prevent heartbreak. She has got over him for a year now,and it is summer break. Her and her friends Isabella and Valerie got to rent a beach house for the whole summer in Malibu.They were all on there way to the plane flight when Daniela's friend Isabella got a tweet seeing that all of One Direction would be renting the beach house next to them the whole summer. Will Daniela fall once again in love with Harry's charm or make it through with the fact that he will only break her heart?


2. Our Flight

Daniela's POV 

    It was 9:00 when I left my house to pick up my friends I said my last few goodbyes to my brother Mario who was also leaving back to brazil to play another soccer game. I also said goodbye to my mom and dad,and thanked them for renting me the beachouse. Then I took off.  I had barely picken up my friends when Isabella gave out a sudden scream. Ahhhhhh!!!! She shouted. I hit the breaks. ONE DIRECTION IS RENING THE BEACHHOUSE NEXT TO US!!!!! No, this can't be happening not now, now I have to spend my whole summer being next door neighbors with Harry Styles! It was too late to turn back home and disipoint my friend so I just stays calm in till we got to the airport and got on our flight. We finaly got to Malibu and took a cab to our beachhouse. We were there and luckily no signs of One Direction yet so I took the opertunity to go to the beach while it lasts so i told my friends, hey guys any of u guys wanna come to the beach with me? Ill go in a sec imma just go put my bikini on,said Valerie. Ok I said. I  went to the beach swimming around when I noticed 5 teenage boy on the beach. Oh great I thought. I got out as fast as I could and  I was almost at my door when I felt a hand grab my arm and turned to see that Harry was the one who had grabbed my arm. Hi I'm Harry. Hi I'm Daniela gtg bye it was nice meeting you. I said as I tried to walk away. Wait! He said  Yes?,I said as I turned around. Um so your the one renting the beachhouse next door huh? Um yeah. So why are you renting a beachhouse alone and till what time are you staying? I'm not renting this by myself m here with 2 other friends and I stay  untill summer is over.i said. Really me too! Cool now if you will excuse me I have to go bye!! I said. Wait! What? I said as he looked into my eyes with his beatiful green eyes and asked me "hey um me and the boys are having a bonfire tonight maybe you and your friends can come also. Maybe,ill see. Alright hope u make it  With that I walked away into the beachhouse

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