Will This All End By Heartbreak?

Daniela has loved Harry Styles for practically all her life. But one day lots of rumors came out that Harry Breaks up will all of his previous girlfriends. So Daniela decides to get over him to prevent heartbreak. She has got over him for a year now,and it is summer break. Her and her friends Isabella and Valerie got to rent a beach house for the whole summer in Malibu.They were all on there way to the plane flight when Daniela's friend Isabella got a tweet seeing that all of One Direction would be renting the beach house next to them the whole summer. Will Daniela fall once again in love with Harry's charm or make it through with the fact that he will only break her heart?


5. Don't Hurt Yourself.

Daniela's POV

          I woke up the next day early in the morning. I didn't remember about the kiss the night befour untill I went downstairs and my friend said:"Hey Harry came and said he wanted to talk to you." "Oh well ill go talk to him later," I said as I got a bowl of cereal. After I was done I went up stairs to change. I went downstairs,grabbed an apple and went to take a walk to take my mind off things. You can't go out with Harry he will only use you as a toy then when he's done with you he'll throw you away and look for someone else, I thought to myself. I was walking and I bumped into someone. "Hey Daniela I have to talk to you about yesterday ,the kiss... It was....... "Look Harry the kiss meant nothing." "Daniela, I know that kiss meant something." "And what if it didnt?" "Daniela don't lie why can't you admit it meant something and stop hiding your feelings so we can be together?" "Because Harry, I don't want to waste your time, you'll just play me like a toy and then leave me when your done, I don't want to be played like that." "But Daniela I promise you that I would never hurt you". "I just don't know of you can keep that promise."  "Please Daniela just give me a chance,please?" I nodded my head. He pulled in for a kiss. After he pulled away he smiled and grabbed my hand. We went for a long walk on the beach. It was getting late so I told Harry if he could walk me home. We were at my door when me and Harry kissed again,but this time he grabbed my waist. After he pulled away I gave him my number. After i went into my house. I sat down on the couch and noticed a note on the cafe table. It read: Hey Daniela, me and Zayn went out for fro-yo and Isabella and Louis went to watch a movie. We will be back late so maybe you can order a pizza for yourself. - from,Valerie&Isabella.Well that means I'm alone for the night. I ordered a pizza and put on Love Actually. I was already 10 minutes through it when I got a text from Harry. Hazza: Hey beautiful what u up to?" Me: Just watching Love Actually and I ordered a pizza because my friends are out. Hazza:Are you lonely? Me: A little. Hazza: If you want I can come over?" Me: really? Hazza:Yeah + I love "Love Actually" and pizza. Me: Ok Hazza:Great ill be there in 5 minutes. Me:Ok. ----------------5 minutes later------------- 

knock knock. "Coming!" I said. "Hi beautiful." He said. "Hi Harry come in." "So did the pizza arrive?" "Yup just a couple of minutes ago." I said. Me and Harry sat on the couch and I was sitting down,when he put his arm around me took me into a hug. I liked it and so did Harry. After we had finished the pizza I feel asleep in his arms in the middle of the movie. After the movie finished Harry took me upstairs and laird me on my bed. After he gave me a kiss on the forehead and closed the door and went to his house. The day went preaty well and I found out that my friends came at 11:00pm witch was preaty late but whatever. I was very tiered and sleepy so I didn't bother to ask how it went.

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