Will This All End By Heartbreak?

Daniela has loved Harry Styles for practically all her life. But one day lots of rumors came out that Harry Breaks up will all of his previous girlfriends. So Daniela decides to get over him to prevent heartbreak. She has got over him for a year now,and it is summer break. Her and her friends Isabella and Valerie got to rent a beach house for the whole summer in Malibu.They were all on there way to the plane flight when Daniela's friend Isabella got a tweet seeing that all of One Direction would be renting the beach house next to them the whole summer. Will Daniela fall once again in love with Harry's charm or make it through with the fact that he will only break her heart?


4. Defenitly Not Over Him

Daniela's POV 

        After Harry had kissed me things became awkward. He just stared into my eyes, when I noticed it was really night, so I told Harry : Um well I have to go ill see you tomarrow. I told him. Alright, bye.  I went back to my house when I saw the girls on the couch watching TV. Hi guys, I said. Hey were were you?,said Valerie. Um, on the beach. With Harry Styles..I mumbled. What?, said Isabella choking on her apple. I thought u said you weren't going to fall for him again. I wasent but then he caught me in his arms and suddenly he started to lean in...  Wait, you mean you kissed!!!,said Valerie. Um.. Yeah, I replied. Omg!! How was it they said together. Um well it's everything a girl would want, on the beach, in his arms, and the most romantic thing I could think of. But enough about me I heard u two hit it off with Zayn and Louis. I said . Yeah all of us took a walk around the beach! Oh how cute but let's all go to sleep.Alright.

Harrys POV 

           I had walked up to my house a few seconds after Daniela had gone home. Man was she beatiful. Hey Harry, said the lads. Hi, I said. Hey what took you so long? Asked Niall. Well I was at the beach with Daniela. Looks like we've got a love bird over here, Said Lou. Shut up Louis,sais the guy who hit it off with her friend. No response,said Louis. We all started laughing. Wait so you do like Daniela? Asked Niall. Yeah, and we already kissed mumbled Harry. When did that happen, you've only known her for a day?, Zayn asked. Well yeah by I found perfect timing and it just happened.i replyed. Lets just go and sleep. 

Authors Note: Hi so I'm Daniela and I sorry tho hasent been the best chapter I just didn't have so much inspiration to right anything that intressting but I hope you. Have liked my movella and please leave a comment telling me if you liked this story thanks so much-Daniela







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