Will This All End By Heartbreak?

Daniela has loved Harry Styles for practically all her life. But one day lots of rumors came out that Harry Breaks up will all of his previous girlfriends. So Daniela decides to get over him to prevent heartbreak. She has got over him for a year now,and it is summer break. Her and her friends Isabella and Valerie got to rent a beach house for the whole summer in Malibu.They were all on there way to the plane flight when Daniela's friend Isabella got a tweet seeing that all of One Direction would be renting the beach house next to them the whole summer. Will Daniela fall once again in love with Harry's charm or make it through with the fact that he will only break her heart?


1. Vacation Time!!!

Daniela's POV

       Finally it's summer break! No more studying and more partying!! Haha alright. Oh hey did your dad book us the beach house?,asked Valerie. Yup, all booked, uh but I heard we will be getting neighbors so we don't get the beach to our selves, i said Oh watever at least we will be relaxing by the beach all summer long! Said Isabella. True, i said Well do u guys need a ride to your house? Sure, said Isabella and Valerie together. Alright, I said just hop on to my Jeep. Turn on the radio! Said Valerie. Ok I said. OMG Best Song Ever is on!! Isabella said.  Guys I would rather not listen to One Direction considering the fact that I've manged to get over them for a year now. Alright u pick the song,but why did u get over One Direction? Isabella said. Because I figured that if I ever did meet him and he would fall in love with me that it would all end in heartbreak so I figured my solution would be to simply get over him,alright, I said. Ok Said Isabella. Alright well here's your house so we are leaving tomarrow at 9 but our flight is till 1:00pm, i said.Why are we leaving so early said Isabella and Valerie. Beacause it takes 1 hour to get to airport and we will take time while going through the metal detectors and go onto the plane,I said. Ok, they both said.Alright bye.    Bye said Valerie and Isabella  I had open the  door to my house when I saw my brother sitting on my couch. Mario, what are you doing here I thought you were in brazil playing a soccer game? I was but they gave us a break so we could come and vist our family's. Mario told me. That's great but ,where are mom and dad well dad is at work and mom went shopping. Oh well I'm really happy you are here and if you'll excuse me Ill be In my room.  Ok he said.  I got out my clothes and started to pack for my trip. I knew that we would have so much fun. What could go wrong?

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