Drug and Alcohol Change *Louis Tomlinson*

Thursday WesWing is a victim of bullying, she was the smartest when it came to teen and their lives when she was in Kindergarten, she developed depression. She was an outcast all of her years. Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan bully her. She stutters, gets mental breakdowns, her hands shake, she collapses. Everyone thinks it's only for attention. When she was younger everything was a bit bad. But then the mental breakdowns, shaking hands, collapsing are getting worse every year. Instead of self harming, she slowly kills herself by smoking and drinking. She's got a pretty good job, but people don't like her to be their tour guide for dinosaurs, so she sits around and watches. She doesn't have the best life, but it's good enough for her to live without anyone helping her, just a few bucks and rent's paid. Bullying is the reason why everything is turning downhill. She break down as well at her job. One Direction visit the museum. They don't recognize her at first.


2. Chapter Two

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Thursday's POV


I quickly changed and looked at myself through the mirror. "I really am thin." I told myself. I wiped my eyes making them go back to the color blue. I grinned and walked out, wiping the grin off my face.


"Today, we'll be playing volleyball! Everyone, choose your teams!" everyone got picked except for me, I brushed that off and sat on the bench, playing with the hem of my shirt. "Wing! You gotta play!" "No thanks." "She can't play! She's too fat and she can't even hit the ball!" Louis screamed at our coach. I gripped the benches to steady my shaking hands.


I stood up quickly, my hands still shaking violently. I took deep breaths, I looked down and squeezed my hands into fists, still shaking violently. "Don't judge anyone, who you don't know." I growled lowly and looked up with my blue eyes turning red again.


"Give me a ball." I mumbled towards our coach, "But you can't hit it! Your arm is too thi-" "Just give me a fucking goddamned ball!" I shouted, veins popping out of my neck, my face was red with anger and my teeth were locked together. "Just give me a fucking ball, and I'll prove to not judge someone before you get to know them." I whispered, he threw a ball at me, I caught with one shaky hand and growled at the back of my throat.


I raised one of my shaky hands with the ball and raised my other hand above my head. By now, everyone was watching me closely. My hands were shaking and I bet everyone were doubting that I could hit the ball.


Without moving my legs or abdomen, I hit the ball powerfully, making it smash against the wall, right beside Louis' head. For a couple of seconds, the ball stayed perfectly still into the wall, then it fell down at Louis' feet. Good thing I didn't collapse during this.


I showed everyone my arms, nothing serious, nothing fatal and nothing noticeable. "Point proven, now get back to your game." I waved them off and walked back to the bench. They kept going with their game as I admired the huge hole in the wall.


After a couple of minutes, the bell rang. I walked towards the girl's washroom and changed into my regular clothes, I wiped my eyes and they turned back to blue. I slowly walked out of the washroom and walked out of the Gym door and quickly walked towards my locker that is near by.


I fail with the lock again but got it at the second try, yaaay. "Alright, where's my food?" I say at my bag while opening it. I took out a container where there were little piece chicken with a bit of rice. I shrugged, "I wish I put more food in here." I mumbled as I walked towards the cafeteria where people were in line to get food. How can they eat that disgusting slob?


I sat at the Outcast table, I am literally the only outcast at this school.


I picked at my food before putting a forkful in my mouth. I accidentally stabbed my tongue in the process because of my shaking hand. I held my wrist with my other hand, but it didn't work as well.


I opened my mouth to put another forkful in my mouth until someone just threw my container to the other side of the cafeteria. I looked up to see Harry, "Hello, there." I greet while putting my fork down, then folding my hands.


"Don't act like you're the shit now." Harry growled at me and rolled his eyes. "I always act like this." I respond, "And how should I believe you?" he asked slowly, "Well maybe if you pay attention to how I act around Angelica, Hanna, you five boys and the whole fucking school?" I state, but instead it sounded like a question.


"Whatever." he says as he throws the fork at some nerd. You see. Nerds, geeks, anyone who is stereotypical here, those people don't like me. I totally understand that but sometimes I wonder why they don't like me.


"AHHHH. I GOT THURSDAY COOTIES." he screamed and ran away to the washroom. I crossed my arms as everyone screamed and threw away all of their forks. "Oh lord jesus." I quietly said as I stood up. I caught the nerd's wrist after he walked out of the washroom with a paper towel. He looked at me, scared and all. "Shut the fuck up next time." I whispered in his ear, my eyes turning red.


He nodded then ran away after I let go of his wrist.


I walked outside and groaned in frustration. My eyes turned to purple as I looked at a window. Niall was across from me, his eyes widening. "GUYS HER EYES TURNED PURPLE NOW!" I heard him scream through the other side. Four other heads turned to look at me. When I saw my whole reflection from the window, I saw all of my flaws. My cheekbones were visible, my lips were chapped and pale.


My skinny jeans were too big for my legs, my tight shirt was hanging loosely from my shoulders. I waved while licked my lips then smiling. Atleast my teeth were white enough. Water bill is going crazy for me! And the abandoned house needs to pay water bill, pssht. It's abandoned. There were large bags under my eyes, my hair was a bit frizzy. I can spot every flaw, but I'd rather not list it.


The four boys whispered to Louis, obviously I couldn't hear because I was on the other side.

Then Louis spoke up, the only words that I could make out was, 'not yet'. I froze, those two words were so magical to me when I was younger. I'd always say, 'not yet' when I played hide and seek with my parents.


But I can't use those words anymore because no one would play with me. My eyes turned to a light navy. Tears started to fight with my tear ducts, the tears won and flowed down my pale and shrivel cheeks. My fists opened and closed, I raised my hands so that they would be visible to my eyes, they were trembling like there was no tomorrow.


My breathing became irregular, my legs were wobbling, my eyes were glassed over with a dark blue color, making my pupils non-existent. Eyebrows furrowed, lip quivering, I was ready to collapse. You're probably questioning, 'How can two words affect you?'.


I don't need to answer that. I fell onto the thin glass, making it shatter. I fell on top of the boys' table.

Knocked out was one word you can say when I just lay still on the glass. My breathing becoming slower and fainter.


I saw my eyes turn to a light green, then I blacked out.







A/N Hi, I'm sorry. I sorta cried during this. Hope you like this! <3 xoxo









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