Drug and Alcohol Change *Louis Tomlinson*

Thursday WesWing is a victim of bullying, she was the smartest when it came to teen and their lives when she was in Kindergarten, she developed depression. She was an outcast all of her years. Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan bully her. She stutters, gets mental breakdowns, her hands shake, she collapses. Everyone thinks it's only for attention. When she was younger everything was a bit bad. But then the mental breakdowns, shaking hands, collapsing are getting worse every year. Instead of self harming, she slowly kills herself by smoking and drinking. She's got a pretty good job, but people don't like her to be their tour guide for dinosaurs, so she sits around and watches. She doesn't have the best life, but it's good enough for her to live without anyone helping her, just a few bucks and rent's paid. Bullying is the reason why everything is turning downhill. She break down as well at her job. One Direction visit the museum. They don't recognize her at first.


3. Chapter Three

A/N Hello dure! So, for the next 3 chapters, there will be one more chapter about high school, two more with college! Make sense? Hope so c: Stay strong and beautiful! Love youuuu! <3 xoxoxoxoxoxo I MIGHT DO 4 UPDATES TODAY! C;




~High School~


Thursday's POV


I groan as I stumble on the pavement, I feel so clean now that the water bill has been paid by me. I wipe my eyes as they reddened. Last year when I collapsed, worst day ever if you ask me. Now I'm in high school and the bullying has gone to verbal and physical.


A car honked at me when I walked when the light showed that I could, the honk made me jump. I looked at the driver with my tired eyes. "Sorry." I say loud enough, my voice was hoarse and scratchy, like I couldn't even talk anymore. The driver's face softened a bit, but his face was still hard.


I limped towards the school and opened the doors, I grunted as someone elbowed me to the doors. I stood up quickly before he caught me. I walked to my locker as fast as I could, but I stumble more and more in the process. I tripped over and fell on my face when Angelica stuck her foot out. Weird how everyone is in the same school as me? They came to this school when they found out I came here.


I coughed and stood up, limping towards my locker. My trembling hands turned to shaking hands, they've gone worse. I breathed heavily and tried to put my lock number in, failing as always. My hands shook more and more as people snickered and giggled at me. "I can do this. I can do this." I whispered to myself over and over again.


On literally, the seventh time, I got my code number in. "Thirteen minutes and four seconds." the boys smirked at me. I took my books out and I was going to get my pencil case until someone slammed my locker, "Oh shit!" I cried out, desperately trying to get my lock number right again.


Tears were falling out of my eyes as I got the lock number wrong on my fifth try. "Mom, dad, please help me." I whispered, my nose started to sting and my fingers went numb. Without touching the lock, the knob on my lock started to move, then my locker opened.


I gasped in pain as I pulled my hand towards my chest. I grasped my case quickly and slowly closed my locker, "What? Not gonna aid that?" Liam asked, worry in his tone. "Is there a point to do that?" I ask, annoyed while covering the bloody marks with my sleeve.


"Yea-" "No, it doesn't." I interrupted him and walked away to the washroom. I cleaned my hand gently and walked out while looking side to side, when I thought the coast was clear, I walked out slowly. "Hi, Day. How are you?" Harry whispered in my ear as someone grabbed my hand. I gasped but kept my composure.


"I'm-I'm fine. Still a bit shaky from last year." Okay, that was like the stupidest thing I've ever said in my life, I'm more than shaken! I have been fucking trembling and fainting these past fucking months, goddammit!


I grimaced as the person squeezed my hand tightly. "Go away, you two." I whisper, veins popping out of my neck by how much pain I was in. "Why should we do that?" by now, Liam, Zayn and Niall have noticed that Louis and Harry were behind me. I bit my quivering lip and took deep breaths to calm myself.


"Stop." I mumble, trying to get away from Louis' grasp. "Look, you're gaining a small crowd, stop being such an attention whore." Harry growled in my ear. I saw a mirror in front of me, my eyes turned into an indigo/orangey color.


"I wonder if your eyes can turn into a pink color? 'Cause pink is a hot color." Harry gave me a devilish grin from the mirror he was holding up. "Just let go of my fucking hand!" I shout, Louis' grasp loosened, on reflex I jumped on top of the lockers as high as I could.


My body shook as Zayn tried to grab my ankle. "Don't touch me." I growled loudly, making him move back. My body was shaking, my eyes started to water, my hands started to make loud sounds against the top of the lockers.


I rocked back and forth, trying to get visions and other things away from my mind. Everyone started to talk and laugh at me. "Shut the fuck up." I say while I covered my ears. "What?" Liam asks, "I-I said. Shut th-the fuck UP!" I growled while stuttering, jumping down from the lockers, my face seemed to harden.


"You shut the fuck up, you noisy little bitch!" Louis shouted at me then punched me, making me hit the lockers hard. I groaned and tried to reach the spot the locks hit me and rubbed the spot. "Fucking bloody hell." I whispered and rubbed the spot a bit harder.


Then Zayn stuffed something into my brazier. "Okay, why the fuck did you stuff something into my brazier?" I ask, while moving my shirt a bit to get my hand into my bra easier.


I took the item out of my bra and opened it up. I squinted to see the small letters written on the paper. 'Come to our pool party -you know who (;' I read, I rolled my eyes, I was about to put it in a random locker until someone shoved my hand onto the locker, "Be there, and wear something nice." Harry grins and walks away with Louis.


I roll my eyes as everyone walked to their classes.


Guess I have to go to the party, then.







A/N HAI, I will make another update today! It will be the pool party, promise. c:






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