Drug and Alcohol Change *Louis Tomlinson*

Thursday WesWing is a victim of bullying, she was the smartest when it came to teen and their lives when she was in Kindergarten, she developed depression. She was an outcast all of her years. Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan bully her. She stutters, gets mental breakdowns, her hands shake, she collapses. Everyone thinks it's only for attention. When she was younger everything was a bit bad. But then the mental breakdowns, shaking hands, collapsing are getting worse every year. Instead of self harming, she slowly kills herself by smoking and drinking. She's got a pretty good job, but people don't like her to be their tour guide for dinosaurs, so she sits around and watches. She doesn't have the best life, but it's good enough for her to live without anyone helping her, just a few bucks and rent's paid. Bullying is the reason why everything is turning downhill. She break down as well at her job. One Direction visit the museum. They don't recognize her at first.


6. Chapter Five *Read A/N Please*



A/N Okay maybe I'll skip college since it didn't really get me anywhere, how I got my job was by how much I already knew, how experienced I was already. My job is pretty decent you can say, my apartment is a bit shitty. But my laptop works great! And my roommate is aaaaaawesooooooome. This might be a short chapter, I don't know. Sorry? Anyways, the photo up there, is me right now. It's the best picture I can find, my eyes are NOT brown, they just look like it but they're gray, thank you for reading! This is all true, except the part where it's One Direction. Kay? Kay.



Thursday's POV


I tapped my foot against the marbled floor of the museum, waiting for people to give me a chance to give them a tour around here.


After about 28 minutes, I gave up and sat on one of the benches that were about 15-17 metres away from the museum.


I got my lighter out and a fag out of the little box. Someone sat down beside me and rubbed my back.


"Hi-Hilda, not now plea-please." my stuttering has gone worse, my shaking hands are worse, my fainting and collapsing is very unhealthy, but it's school that made me this way.


"I was just trying to help, my shift is over and I thought I could just sit with you, you know?" she says and she crosses her legs together and plays with the bench we were on.


My hands were trembling as I put the lighter closer to the edge of the cigarette. "Fu-fu-uck." I stuttered as I dropped my lighter. I got down shakily and tried to get the item.


"I just nee-need thi-this for crying ou-out loud." I growled and grabbed the lighter with my fingertips.


I mentally cheered and quickly brought the lighter to the tip of the cigarette and shakily brought it to my lips.


"You know drinking is better than smoking, right?" I rolled my eyes, "Hil-Hilda, I prefer smo-smoking right now becau-cause when I'm high-highly intoxicat-ted. I will call my bas-base camp and I wi-will have to be restrained fro-from any liquor store." I explained.


Hilda nodded and put her face in her hands.


"But I-I would pre-prefer a drink...." I mumbled and took the cigarette off of my lips and blew out some smoke. "You're really scrawny, Thursday." I looked at Hilda and gave her a 'No shit Bitchlock'  face.


She raised her hands up in surrender as I crossed my legs together. "Hey, aren't those the people who came to your school before?" I looked up to where Hilda was pointing and there were a swarm of girls around some guys.


"I don't-don't know. Didn't see thei-their faces." I shrugged as I puffed out some smoke, shaking some of the ashes out and then squishing the small smoke to the pavement.


Hilda passed me her mouthwash, I poured a good amount into my mouth and made swishy noises. I spat the liquid out of my mouth into a trash can and sat beside Hilda again. "OH MY GOD IT'S ONE DIRECTION! I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS ONE DIRECTION WHO WENT TO YOUR SCHOOL?!" Hilda screamed at me as I put my arm around her shoulder.


"They're fam-famous?" I scrunched my eyebrows and sighed. "I'm gonna get som-some liquor." I say as I stand up to go to a liquor store. "Why? Your shift's not over." her face held confusion. "Because I-I want t-t-to." I growled and kept walking.


"DAY!" she called out for me, I turned around and put my hands on my hips. "These five boys want to go to the museum!" "GET SOME-SOMEONE ELSE!" I shout and keep walking in an abnormal way.


I quickly jumped into the store and took out a water bottle with nothing in it. "How-how much does-does it cost to fi-fill a water bot-ottle with liquo-quor?" I question and take my wallet out shakily.


"About 14 dollars, give me the water bottle." the man says as he takes my 20 pound note and grabs my water bottle. "G-give me anything." I say lowly, he pours this random drink, it looks like a fruit punch or something.


"This is a raspberry liquor mixed with some gin and vodka." I nod, he put the note in his register and gave me 6 pounds back with my water bottle. "Tha-thank you." he waved me off, I opened the door and walked back to the museum, putting the wallet back in my pocket.


"What's that?" Hilda says as she moves out of the boys' way. I shrugged and drank some of it, "J-juice." I mumbled and took another sip before putting it into Hilda's bag. By now, the boys were looking at me.


"What?" I growled, "That's not juice." obviously Louis pointed out, none of them look different to me. I changed though.


"What is it then?" Hilda asked, taking the bottle out of her bag.


"It's liquor." Harry stated as he took the bottle from her hands. "H-hey! That's mine-mine!" I shout and take the bottle from his hands.


"Your name sounds a bit familiar, and your voice, your voice sounds like someone else's.....But your looks are different from who we're talking about." Zayn pointed at me, I rolled my eyes and cocked an eyebrow up. I clasped my hands together, making all of their eyes stare at me.


"Sooooo. Still wanted to go to the museum?" I say as some girls walk up to them in an unattractive way. "Uuh. Angelica and Hanna?" Liam cocks his head to the side, when he said that I spit out my drink that I just put towards my lips.


"Coincidence we would see you guys here!" Hanna says and tries to push her boobs up more. I started to cough and laugh wildly at how shitty they look now.


I started to laugh more as Elias popped up with a bunch of bags on his arms and how much wallets he has stuffed into his pockets. "Why are you laughing, Thursday?" Hilda giggled as I slammed my hand on the concrete.


"This is fuck-fucking hilar-hilarious." I laughed, tears escaping my eyes.


"Your name is Thursday?" Niall asked, I stopped laughing to glare at him. "Does-does it matter?" I growl as I stand up.


"Oh my god! It's Thursday! How've you been?" Angelica asked me in a not-so nice way. "Well, I have a job. NOW. Museum or what?" I ask, scratching my head in frustration. "YOU'RE THAT THURSDAY?!" the boys screamed at me, "You really don't want the museum tour?" I whined.


"Fine, let's go." all of the boys, including Elias and the two girls agreed. They followed me as I wobbled on the steps of the museum. Hilda passed me the bottle that I dropped earlier, I opened the cap and drank from it.


"Okay, where-where do you want to-to start?" I ask, my shaking hands pointing at the choices on the board. "DINOSAURS!" Harry shouts, everyone agreeing with him. I sigh shakily and head towards that section.


"Does any-anyone know what din-dino this is?" I ask shakily as I pointed a trembling finger at a figure of bones that were about half of my size. "A raptor?" Louis guesses, I shake my head. "N-no. It's a Utah-Utahraptor. These were fou-found in America, Ut-Utah. America wa-was kind enough to se-send us som-some bones." I explain.


"What is thi-this called?" I pointed at a picture of a large pinkish greenish fish. "Uhm, a-a Sunfish?" Niall asks, "No. Not ev-even close. This is a Coe-Coelcanth. It was tho-thought to be exti-extinct. But it is still-still alive, from the Creta-Cretaceous period, to right-right now." I explain.


"Why do you stutter and shake?" Hanna questions, making me roll my eyes and walk to another figure of bones.


"Wh-what is thi-this?" it's obviously a Megalosaurus, bet they'll get it wrong. "T-Rex?" I shook my head, "You guy-guys are so ba-bad a this. It's a-a Mega-Megalosaur-saurus." "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH" they say as they sign some fan's shirt and forehead.


"Mo-moving on." I mumble as Hanna and Angelica run off to touch a Woolly Mammoth wax figure. "Okay, you sho-should get this one-one." I pointed to a Brachiosaurus, "Brachio....Brachiosaurus?" Harry guessed, my eyes lit up. "HIGH-FIVE, HARRY! BRACHIOSAURUS IS MY FAVORITE DINOSAUR!" "YOU DIDN'T STUTTER THIS TIME!!" we both jumped and high fived each other.


When we landed from our little stunt, Hilda looked at me weird as the boys looked at Harry weird.


"What?" we ask at the same time. They shook it off as I walked to another piece of bone. "SPINOSAURUS!" Louis screamed and fangirled around the bones. "High-five?" I ask, Louis and I both jump up and high-five each other.


Hanna and Angelica walked back to us, little boys trying to look under their dresses, "O-okay, tour finished. You gu-guys can go home no-." "Come over to our house!" Hilda interuppted me, I glared at her and took a sip from my drink.


"L-let's go then." I mumble as everyone walked out of the door, being swarmed by some fans.





"Angelica, Hanna, Elias. You three can go home now." I point out to their house with my keys. They grumbled as Elias gave them their bags to carry and they walked home.


As I opened the door, Hilda and I ran into the house, I took out some booze and some smokes with an ashtray as Hilda took out food and non-alcoholic beverages. When the five were in they coughed and waved their hands in front of their noses.


"Why does it smell like smoke and liquor in here?" Niall and Liam coughed out, "'Cause I smo-smoke and drink in-in here?" I furrowed my eyebrows, I thought it was obvious by now. "STOP STUTTERING!" Harry groaned and plopped down beside me.


"It's a nat-natural ha-abit, Harry." I told him and lit up a cigarette and put it against my lips. I threw the box to Zayn who was holding his hand in front of me, across the other side of the room.


I passed Niall a bottle of wine as he held his hands out too. "DRINKING PARTY!" "NO!" "Why not?" I whined, "Drug party?" I question, shrugging and putting my arm around Harry's shoulder.


"What kind of drugs are you talking about?" Zayn asked, resting his chin on both of his hands. "I'm talking heroine, marijuana, cocaine, meth." I had four fingers up. "You i-in? Or is it jus-just me?" I ask, standing up to go to my room to have my own party.


I get a tube, a razor, paper and some water. I jumped into my room and walked into my washroom where my drugs were. I took four bags out of the cabinet and laid down on my belly onto my bed.


I chopped up the cocaine, put the meth into a tube, rolled some of the marijuana on the paper and put the heroine in the glass of water. "O-okay, objective....Try to ta-take all drugs at onc-once." I say quietly and put the items in a row in front of me.


I placed the tube into the side of my mouth, lit up the cigarette on the other side, put the straw in my nose which is placed in the cocaine and sipped the water.


When I did everything at the same time, I coughed and wheezed, then I started to laugh. "OH MY GOD. THIS IS AMAZING!" I laughed and slammed my fist on the nightstand. "OH SHIT." I laugh harder and drink more Heroine and sniff more Cocaine before I inhale the smoke of Meth and the cigarette.


I cough and open the window and turn on the fan to get the smoke and smell out.


I giggle as I finish all of the drugs off. I shake and walk out of my room. "Hilda, where's my speaker?" I whisper, holding my arm. "Nope, you're that getting that back! You got in trouble with Briggs five times already!" she shook her head and stood up.


I frowned and sat on the chair she was on previously, "Did you know that," I got interrupted by my giggle and wheeze. "Did you know that I love guns?" I laugh and slam my hand on the table multiple times. "Thursday, you've been in the Military for the past three years, you think I don't know that?" I roll my eyes and throw my lighter at her head as she walked out of the kitchen.


"Can you get me food?!" I scream at her as she walked into my room. "AT LEAST CLOSE YOUR MEDICINE CABINET NEXT TIME OR ELSE I WOULDN'T OF FOUND YOUR DRUGS!" Hilda screamed back, I jolted up from my seat, and tackled her before she threw them away.


"Don't forget I know how to injure you or even kill you." I whispered in her ear before snatching the drugs and walking out of my room. I sat down beside Zayn and laughed.


"I'm a dangerous motherfucker." I whispered in his ear, making him laugh louder.


I crossed my arms and giggled at how the air in our flat looks all bright blue and wavy. That's until i realized Louis was in front of me. "At first I thought you were the air of this flat." I giggled and covered my mouth to stiffle my laughter.


Liam and Niall laughed at me while Harry, Louis, Zayn and Hilda had confused looks on their faces. "Oh you know I'm awesome." I cooed and poked his chest.


"GONNA GO SLEEEEEEEP!" I screamed, I skipped around the room then kissed everyone's cheek then passed out, my head positively on Harry's lap.






A/N Well wasn't I a daredevil a couple of months ago!? Don't tell anyone that I drink, smoke or do drugs. e.e I will give you burns with a cigarette. I'M PROUD OF THIS CHAPTER, ACTUALLY. SO! I love you, my job is shitty, I love you and people are so weird! xoxo stay strong and beautiful! <3



















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