Drug and Alcohol Change *Louis Tomlinson*

Thursday WesWing is a victim of bullying, she was the smartest when it came to teen and their lives when she was in Kindergarten, she developed depression. She was an outcast all of her years. Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan bully her. She stutters, gets mental breakdowns, her hands shake, she collapses. Everyone thinks it's only for attention. When she was younger everything was a bit bad. But then the mental breakdowns, shaking hands, collapsing are getting worse every year. Instead of self harming, she slowly kills herself by smoking and drinking. She's got a pretty good job, but people don't like her to be their tour guide for dinosaurs, so she sits around and watches. She doesn't have the best life, but it's good enough for her to live without anyone helping her, just a few bucks and rent's paid. Bullying is the reason why everything is turning downhill. She break down as well at her job. One Direction visit the museum. They don't recognize her at first.


9. Chapter Eight

A/N Hi! So, this chapter might be a bit surprising to you. All of this is true if you still don't know! Just not the boys were there. Sorry to disappoint you lovely gals! <3 xoxo stay strong and beautiful


Thursday's POV


"LPD! MOVE OUT OF THE WAY." I loud voice boomed into the bar. "Oh shit." I grumble, I try to move back but I tumble down as the boys run off somewhere else in the bar.


"Great seeing you again, WesWing." Officer Drew smiled at me, I saluted him and smiled, "You too, Officer Drew! Now take me away." I open my arms, he wraps his large arms around my waist and carries me out to his automobile.


He rests me on the hood of his car and grasps my wrists and cuffs them together. (Yup, I've been arrested a couple times)


"You're going to meet, David, Greg, Charles and Buddy again." he says and pushes me into the backseat of the mobile.


"Since you are now over the age of 17, this will be on your permanent record." he looks at me through the rear view mirror and starts to drive. I grin and try to wave at the window when I see the five boys run out of the bar.


"Drew, what are you going to serve? Your food is delicious." I ask while pushing my face against the metal grate that is separating Drew and I.


"Tater Tots, Mash Patatoes and some Tea." he said quietly as he turned at a left. I cheered loudly, "I LOVE PATATOES AND TEA!" I declare and stomp my foot.


"Keep it down." he grumbles, "So, why'd you arrest me this time, Drew?" I question, playing with the chains of the cuffs. "You've assaulted an innocent girl." "NO I DID NOT! SHE CAME RUNNING AT ME AND I DEFENDED MYSELF!" "You still hurt her though. You'll be staying in for a couple of days." "Fine."


I slump in my seat and frown. Drew turned the radio on and he started to sing along to it. "NOW I'M POPULAR BITCH!" we both shouted and laughed.


"Get out of the car." he laughed, I stumbled out of the car and skipped along the way to the Jail premises.


"Oh yeah, Dallon Weekes is in there. Remember him?" I laughed at that. "What did Dallon do?" I giggled, "Drugs." "OH COME ON! YOU KNOW I'M ON DRUGS TOO!" "Marijuana and Heroine." "You know I use that too." "Well you don't sell them do you?" "OOOH."


I nodded and walked into the cell where my friend's were. "THURSDAY!" "DALLON! Oh, Olly you're here?" "Yeah, but it's just for a music video." I nodded, "Dallon, sell me some of your drugs sometime." I whisper, he nods and laughs.


"Oh fuck. Shirley can't make it." Olly groans and kicks the door, "Shit Olly, calm down. Get some other girl to play as the bad girl." I laughed and rubbed my wrists when Drew un cuffed me and walked out of the cell.


He kept pacing around as he breathed heavily, "Wait, Day, you can be the bad girl!" I shook my head, "I am not up for Dancing with You Tonight, Olly." I joked.


"Please?!" "Fine." I grumbled, the director told people to change some of my looks so I was shoved on a chair.


"We can't have a blue haired girl so we'll have to give you a blonde wig." the hair dresser said, she put my real hair into a bun and put the wig over my head. She combed it so that it looked natural.


"Now we need to put make up on you, we need you to look at Shirley, even though you look beautiful already with make up." she grinned at me, "But I'm not wearing make up." I say, puzzled.


"Oh, wow! You're very gorgeous!" she complimented and put a light over my head to help her. "Okay, we don't need to put make up on you then." she states, I cheer and grin.


"We need to change your clothes though." she points at me with a brush. "What's wrong with ripped black skinny jeans, black blazer and a Fall Out Boy tee?" I question and shrug.


"Everything." she says and raises her eyebrows. "We need a white blazer, a white tee, and white skinny jeans." she switched the colors around.


I caught the clothes that were thrown at me and I ran into the dressing room and put on the clothes with much difficulty.


I fell out of the room and grunted as I tried to get up. "These clothes are so tight! Why'd you give me an extra small?!" I shouted at Olly, "Thought you'd look like a cute child!" he shrugged and ran towards the set.


I sighed and jumped onto one of the beds and looked at Dallon, "How's your kid?" I ask while playing with his quiffed hair that looked like Brendon's.


"She's doing well, but when I was joking with her, saying she was 'adopted' she told me I was 'adopted' so I was 'crying'." I nodded, "I like your daughter." I pointed out.


He smiled and crossed his arms, "GOTTA GO TO THE SET NOOOW!" I shout while skipping towards the bench.




After everything was finished I changed my clothes back to my normal ones and took the wig off. I was about to fall asleep on the floor but then Drew called for me.


"Yeah?" I question, walking towards the door and rubbed my feet a little. "Five boys are here to bail you out." he says, he opened the door and I walked out.


"BYE DALLON! TELL BRENDON I SAID HI!" he nodded and waved.


I walked towards the five boys and thanked them with a hug and a kiss to the cheek.


"YOU KNOW DALLON WEEKES?!" "You mean the whole band of Panic! At The Disco? Yeah." I shrugged like it was no big deal because clearly it isn't.


They grabbed me and carried me to their flat. Looks the same.


But now I don't know what's going to happen.




A/N Hi, I'm going to update another story! BAI stay strong and beautiful xoxo







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