Out of the blue!!

Demi was a bad ass, straight A* student who lived by her own rules yet when Liam came to the school Demi's world crumbled. She fell for Liam like every other girl in school. Her heart was being teared in half when she finds an attic with her mum's properties in, when she talks to her dad about it he asks about Liam.
When she tells him the truth he nolonger wants to know she's with him or there moving. so what should she do when she finds out she's pregnant and Liams


1. Prologue-


You wouldn't believe it.  It had been one week and here we are at the top of a moonlit hill in the back of his pure white range rover staring up at the stars.

He looked at his watch, it was now midnight and everything was still silent since the incident that happened earlier.

Liam then turned to me in the silence, I turned to his reaction and immediatley our eyes met.  His eyes were as dark as night.  He slowly put his hand on my cheek.  He leaned in for a kiss, I closed my eyes and waited for his soft lips to touch mine.  I felt his warm breath.  He then rested his head on mine, we both relieved our breath.  He lowered his head, then kissed me on my kneck. He made it feel so right yet ....so wrong!!  In my head all I could think about is the trouble I am getting myself in.

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