Out of the blue!!

Demi was a bad ass, straight A* student who lived by her own rules yet when Liam came to the school Demi's world crumbled. She fell for Liam like every other girl in school. Her heart was being teared in half when she finds an attic with her mum's properties in, when she talks to her dad about it he asks about Liam.
When she tells him the truth he nolonger wants to know she's with him or there moving. so what should she do when she finds out she's pregnant and Liams


2. Chapter One-

One minute I'm in the best dream yet which is me making out with a hot guy and then everything turns into hell where he's missing, my dad is shouting at me and then it turns to me and my dad standing over a hospital bed and there in  the bed is my mum.  A pure white sheet was draped over her cold body, I  touch her hand and then shudder away. Then I wake up  to my phone ringing. Kasey again. I picked up my phone and shouted at the top of my lungs"damn it Kasey, you interrupted another dream, it was getting really good, for a minute or so". my voise lowered "what do you want, i've gotta get ready".

"Just saying, some guy came up to me yesterday and asked me for your number, he was really cute as well, jet black hair, brown eyes, pure white skin,and he asked for your number, YOUR NUMBER. what the fuck is wrong with me." kasey screamed down the phone.

"okay, bye kasey see you in school and of course he would ask for my number i'm way hotter then you. okay bye bitch!!" i said slamming the phone down on her. i then fell out of bed and dragged myself to the shower but it might of been a good idea not to put the cold on first when your naked in the shower!

An hour later Kasey pulled up in her BMW and sat outside waiting for me. i grabbed my deep purple bag, and made my way to the bedroom door, then stopped. i took one last glance in the mirror. i was wearing a blue sunset shorties dress from the new shop that opened on the corner, KILLZONE.

You can see why i love it!!

I went thudding down the stairs and poked my head round the corner to check on dad. Ever since mum died he just sits there every morning waiting for me.


Dad is 29, they had me young. My dad then spots the blue of my dress and rush's up to give me my breakfast.  Every day is the same, fruit cut into the shape of balls. My dad trys to do it the same way mum did, yet nomatter how he trys he always ends up making something better!  I kiss him on the cheek, give him a hug and run out the door.

Leaving another person behind...

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