"im nothing"

"im nothing" is based on a true story
*characters are not real*
"im nothing" is about a girl name "mini" shes a not so popular girl shes the type of girl tht would be call scene,freak,or weirdo this story tells about her life in school,at home,and other places everyone at first sees her as a happy person but then finds out shes not a very happy person. want to find out more read the book to find out :)
love, Anna :)


2. beginning the day

i walked to my hall way and found my locker as soon as i got there i put all my stuff in it i took my planner,binder,and phone and ear buds with me to class as soon as i got to class i saw all the kids in my class they were all starring at me so i said "hi" and walked to the seat in the back of the class room i then sat down and put my feet on top of the table i put my binder and planner in the seat next to me and then plug my ear buds into my phone then i put my ear buds in my ears i then saw the teacher and put my feet down then class began so i took one side of my ear buds out the teacher then said "hello class my name is mr.o" then the class said "hello" except me so then mr.o gave us a work sheet  and told us to go introduce ourselves and find things in common so the class got up and did except me i waited for kids to come to my desk and some kids did so i introduced myself and had not that much in common with them and sat down then class was over and we went to other classes there was specials,science,language arts,and math and social studies my favorite class cause we barely even did anything in social studies then the day ended and we went home i was tired so when i got home i ate something and then fell asleep. 

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