"im nothing"

"im nothing" is based on a true story
*characters are not real*
"im nothing" is about a girl name "mini" shes a not so popular girl shes the type of girl tht would be call scene,freak,or weirdo this story tells about her life in school,at home,and other places everyone at first sees her as a happy person but then finds out shes not a very happy person. want to find out more read the book to find out :)
love, Anna :)


3. at home

it was now 6:30pm as i looked at the time on my phone i got up and went downstairs i saw my mom sitting on the couch watching tv she looked at me and said "hi hun" and i said "hi mum" i walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bag of chips then she asked "how was your nap?" then i said" it was ok but im still tired and have a head ache" so i sat down and watched tv with my mom for a couple of hours and then went to take a shower and then washed my face and brushed my teeth i plugged my charger into my phone then put my ear buds in and listened to music and charged my phone i finally got tired and fell asleep. 


note: hey guys its anna my story is just getting started and i know this is a short chapter but i hope u enjoy the rest love you all :)


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