Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance

Calli had just moved out of home into her first house and things are going well. But there is this one mysterious stranger. Well, hes not really a stranger anymore. His name is Harry and he lives right across the street from Calli. She's not sure what to think at first. Should she be frightened? Or is she going to warm up to the mysterious curly haired boy.


1. I like it.

I pulled into my driveway and parked the silver Range Rover I get to call mine. I looked at the small home in front of me and and a smile crept across my face. I felt so relieved to finally be out of the house. I am 19 now. I’ve only been living here for about a week and so far things were great. I glanced out the car window and sighed. Its raining again. It’s been raining for the past few days. I flipped the hood up on my hoodie and pulled the strings so it was tightly hugging my face. I opened the door and quickly ran up to the porch. I reached in my back pocket for my house keys and jerked them out quickly. I unlocked the door to see a still-not-unpacked home. I groaned at the fact that it was seriously time to unpack. I didn’t even have that much. All I took from home was my room, basically. A lot of people think I’m crazy for going straight to a house. But my family is kinda really rich. My parent bought my home and gave me plentyyy of money to shop for all the stuff I will need.

I walk up the stairs into my room and look at the now-empty boxes in my room. This is basically the only part of my house I had actually almost all the way unpacked.

I set down my phone and sat on my bed. I looked out my window onto the empty street. I hadn’t met anyone here yet. Didn’t seem like there was anyone to meet honestly. I hadn’t even seen a car let alone a person in the house across the street. For some odd reason, I liked it here.



Hey guys! So I'm Averi! I hope you like this fanfic and i'll try to keep it updated often. And this is a really short chapter I just wanted to get this started sooo yeah. And btw Calli looks like Jade Thirwall from little mix. I just love her :D Uhm most of the time ill put pictures of the outfits in each of the chapters and also the friends and their outfits and stuff so stay tuned! I love you all and keep reading!

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