Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance

Calli had just moved out of home into her first house and things are going well. But there is this one mysterious stranger. Well, hes not really a stranger anymore. His name is Harry and he lives right across the street from Calli. She's not sure what to think at first. Should she be frightened? Or is she going to warm up to the mysterious curly haired boy.


5. Chapter 5

I don’t like him. I mean, I  can’t. I’ve only known him for like 2 days. You can’t just like someone in 2 days. It takes time.

I slipped on grey sweats and a pink hoodie and slipped under the fluffy duvet. I picked up my laptop and got on tumblr. I put on my turquoise beats and plugged in my phone. I did this basically every night. I’d always get on tumblr, listen to music, then read for a little while. Oh what an interesting life I live. I really want to do something tomorrow. Maybe go to the mall. I do need new clothes. And I have plenty of money to spend. Hey, who not?


I brush my teeth, careful to hold back my wavy hair so I don’t spit toothpaste in it. Sadly, I’ve done that quite a few times. I wipe off my mouth making my way over to my phone I heard buzz a second ago.

From: Mallory

“I’m sooo sorry. I wish I could :/ family stuff.”

Ughh. Mallory can’t go to the mall today. I was looking forward to it. Maybe I could just do some online shopping. I don’t know I like going into stores so I can try stuff on and all that junk. Last time Mallory and I went to the mall, we chased around these really hot guys. We spent like an hour following them around the mall. Finally Mallory had the nerve to go up to one of them and ask for his friends number. I will never forget how hard they laughed at her while she just stood there, dumbfounded, and clueless. She soon came to realization that both of them were gay and we had spent all that time chasing them around for nothing. She gets so mad when I bring it up, but I will never let her live that one down.

I decide that as long as I’m not dong anything today, might as well go get some Starbucks. Why do nothing on an empty stomach?

As I make my way out of the door, I quietly thank myself for wearing what I did today. I had worn a pink sweater with a white heart and word “love” written inside it with white skinny jeans, pink Uggs, and a floral scarf to match the bow pinned at the bottom of the top knot I wore in my hair. “Calli!” I heard someone yell and I looked back over my shoulder to see Harry, jogging up to my side. “Do you like stalk me? Because it seems like everywhere I go you’re always there.” I chuckle and look up at the tall curly-haired boy that kept his hands in his coat pockets. “Naww guess its just timing.” He smiles and looks down at me. “Where you headed?” He asks. “Down to the Starbucks around the block. And you?” I ask. “What a coincidence, I too, am heading down to the Starbucks around the block.” I roll my eyes but keep looking forward.

We stayed quiet for a while. It wasn’t like an awkward silence. More like a nice, peaceful silence that gives you time to breathe and you just get lost in thoughts so you really don’t notice the quiet. “Have any plans today?” He asks out of no where. “Well I was supposed to go to the mall, but my friend can’t go so I’m not sure.” “I’ll go with you!” He says with a second of thought. “I mean, if you want me too.” That would work I guess but don’t guys usually hate shopping. “Yeah we could do that but don’t guys usually hate the waiting for girls to try on clothes and shoes and having to answer the constant question of ‘how they look’ and ‘does this make me look fat?’”. I say. “Well usually. But I thought we could make it fun. Like just picking out the whole rack and trying on everything and coming out twirling around and then the girl making the guy try on stuff while the girl judges it. We make it a cute little montage thing. Lets make it a date. Not like a boyfriend-girlfriend thing. Just a friendly day out.”

Harry is definitely different. No guy would ever do that. And for that reason I would love to go to the mall with Harry. “That’s sound lovely Harry.” He smiles down at me as we near the Starbucks door. We walk in and notice only a few people sitting down and no one in line yet. “Uhm I’ll have a tall coffee Frappuccino with whipped cream please.” I tell the lady. “and I’ll take a grande iced carmel macchiato with whipped cream.” The lady tells us the price and Harry pulls out money for the both of us. “Harry…” My voice trails off letting him know I could pay for my own. “Its fine Calli. Its just a drink.” I smile and sigh at him walking away to sit at a both, looking out of a glass window onto the street.

I stare for a little bit, until I notice small, white specks lighting brushing with glass pane and quickly disappearing. I watch as the little specks of white grow bigger and develop into snowflakes. My thoughts are interrupted when Harry sits down across from me and hands me my drink. “Thank you.” I smile and look back to the window. I sip on my drink, fascinated with the snow falling onto the streets and sidewalk. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” I look back to Harry and nod. “But one problem.” “Yes?” I ask. “We still have to walk home in the freezing snow.”

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