Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance

Calli had just moved out of home into her first house and things are going well. But there is this one mysterious stranger. Well, hes not really a stranger anymore. His name is Harry and he lives right across the street from Calli. She's not sure what to think at first. Should she be frightened? Or is she going to warm up to the mysterious curly haired boy.


3. Chapter 3

I heard a knock at the door and I jumped out of my bed. I already know who it is. It’s my best friend Mallory. “Hey girl!” She said as I greeted her at the door. I grabbed me up and I was suddenly engulfed in a veryyyy big hug. “Mal!” I gasped for breathe, pushing away from her. She just giggled. She walked through the door frame and took a look around. “Its nice! I really like it! It really makes me wanna move out!” We both laugh and I shut the door. Once the door is shut she runs over to me and nearly tackle me. “Now spill!” “What?” I say clearly confused and caught off guard. “This!” She practically screams and jerks the curtains open. I look out the window and see that kid Harry and another guy tossing around a football in his front yard. I sigh. “what about them?” “Uhm theyre hot! Have you met them?!” I roll my eyes. Shes a sucker for hot guys. “I’ve met the taller, darker haired boy. His names Harry. We didn’t say much.” I reply. “Well they are hotttt.” I just roll my eyes and laugh.

“Bye! I’ll see you soon!” I say to Mallory as she pulls out of my drive. We had picked out all, or most, of what I’d be needing around the house. Plates, cups, silverware, towels, cute rugs, ect. I shut the door and go back to my room. I go to my closet to pick out my outfit for the day. I picked out a pink tank top with white polka dots and some white shorts from hollister. I strained my hair and did my makeup. I grabbed some money and my phone and headed down to the nearest starbucks. I’d never been there before but I remember seeing one along the way somewhere.

The starbucks was closer than I thought it was. But of course, I was freezing again. And it surely didn’t help I got a cold drink. As I turned the corner back on my street I was greeted by someone unexpected. Harry. “Hey!” I just smiled at him. “Youre not very smart are you?” I gave him a dirty look. How dare he? He doesn’t even know me. “What are you talking about?” I say angrily looking ahead. “Well its like 30 degrees out here and you’re in shorts again.” I rolled my eyes. “I can wear what I want okay?” I say short. “Gosh,” he puts his hands up. “Didn’t mean to piss you off. Here.” He took his jacket off and put it over me. I didn’t want it but it was freezing. “Thanks.” I mumbled.  “Look, we got off on the wrong foot. I’m Harry.” He put out his hand. I hesitantly shook his hand. “Calli.” I say. “So are you living alone?” He asks. “Uhm yeah. What about you?” “Yep. I do have friends over a lot though.” He replied. “Oh I know.” I mumbled at the ground and chuckled thinking about Mallory. “Oh so you’re watching me now?” He asks with a huge grin across his face. “No!” I spat back. He just shook his head and laughed.

As we neared my house he stopped and looked at me. “Uhm look, I’m not doing anything tonight if you wanna come over?” His voice trailed off. “Maybe. I don’t think im doing anything but we kinda just met.” “Well then consider this a time for meeting.” He said a little cocky. He pried my phone out of my hands and took it. “Hey!” I protested and tried to take it but he turned his back to me to keep my from it. He tossed it back to me with his name and number in it. He gave me a little smirk. I rolled my eyes and turned around to go to my house.

I’m almost back to my door when I realized I still have his coat on. I turn around “Harry!” I yell. “Keep it.” He says with his back towards me. “It’ll give me a reason to see you again.” He says waving his hand walking away from me.


Heyy! So I decided I'm not gonna put titles on the chapters anymore because one i'm really bad at coming up with titles and two, I have a bad habit of giving to much away and its just easier to do it this way so that's what I shall be doing. Anyways i'm really sorry about the short chapters i'll try to make them longer from now on. Goodbye for now!

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