Struck By Lies {5SOS}

Band sluts. What are you gonna do with them? Best friends are unpredictable, especially when your band mate has a crush on your girlfriend. Luke's fall out with Adelaide gives her an opening with Luke's bandmates, but how does that play out?


25. Tour Plans

Luke's POV

I watched as Calum lay upside down on his bed. 

"Soo.. Calum. What's with the change in heart?" He was still upside down, clicking away the words on his phone. 

"He found the 5SOS handbook. It clearly stated that none of us were allowed to be with Adelaide because you're with her.. Or you were." 

"Thanks for the reminder Ash.."

"Hey, I'm just trying to help. I'm on your side now."

"Key word: Now."  

"Both of you.. Shut up! I'm on the phone." Calum shouted as he got up, getting up from his bunk. He continued speaking into the phone as he walked into the bathroom. He glared at us before shutting the door. 

Ashton and I awkwardly looked at each other. "Who do you think he's talking to you?" 

Before Ashton could answer, Calum came back out. He had a look that combined joy and oddness on his face. 

"Was that Mikey you were talking to you?" He nodded, walking into the kitchen. Ashton and I followed. 

He hadn't answered the question yet. He was only fumbling through the cabinets, until he finally grabbed out a pair of gloves. 

"Guess what?" He asked, slipping on the blue plastic gloves.

"Adelaide is coming on tour with us?"

"Well.. Yes and I dropped my phone in the toilet."

I rolled my eyes at him, grabbing an apple off the counter. 

"Again Calum?" Ashton whined. 


"Shut up Ashton." We watched him as he awkwardly reached his hand into the toilet bowl. "God dammit.. Why is the water always so cold." 

"Because it's toilet water you idiot." Ashton slapped the back of Calum's head. 

"You two are so childish."

"Says, Mr. "I've been lying in my bed for almost an entire day because I can't handle stupid things that my friends are trying to help me with." Ashton replied back.

Well.. Someone's quite snappy today. I thought to myself. 


"Well.. Then." I walked back over to my bunk, pulling the curtain closed to hide.


"Luke get out of there, you need to hear the news." 


I murmured rolling over, peaking my quiff out of the curtain. 


"All of you Luke.." Ashton said. 


I opened my curtain fully open request and rolled out of my bed causing a loud *thud! I stayed on the floor, whining. I curled myself up into a ball, trying to ignore my head pains.


"There he goes again..."


"Ashton, shut up. Luke. Get up. Listen, do you want to hear the whole conversation, or just a summary?" 


I rolled over on my back. "Summary.."


"Ok, so Mikey didn't believe it was me, one. Which is why I was on the phone. So I talked to him and basically, yes Adelaide will be coming to the tour with us except he's requested a seperate tour bus and because that's not allowed Ashton is gonna join them. 


"Great, keep me stuck with them."


"Ashton, you're gonna do all these things to stall them so I can get a handle on Addie and you keep Michael distracted. Ok? This is just the beginning of my plan, so don't worry. I will figure out the rest." Calum confidently said. 


Woo hoo... I mentally said in a sarcastic monotone. 

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