Struck By Lies {5SOS}

Band sluts. What are you gonna do with them? Best friends are unpredictable, especially when your band mate has a crush on your girlfriend. Luke's fall out with Adelaide gives her an opening with Luke's bandmates, but how does that play out?


6. Too Late



Luke's POV


I woke up and noticed that there was no Twitter, video gaming maniac screaming at a screen. 

Maybe he's in the other room.. I thought. I rubbed the crustiness off the outer parts of my eyes and sat up properly on my top bunk. In fact, none of the boys were in bed. 

They're probably all in the lounge room since the bus was still moving. I yawned again and shuffled my feet into the bathroom. 


After doing my business and brushing my teeth, I combed my fingers through my hair one more time. I shuffled my feet back into the other room to be greeted by Ashton and Calum laughing to something probably stupid... But again, where's Michael?


"Well good morning there Mr. Hemmings. Looks like someone finally decided to wake up," Calum said throwing a shirt at me.


"Just really tired that's all," I threw the shirt on and crashed back into my bed strumming my guitar to the tune of Beside You.


"We thought Michael had killed you while we were all asleep or something.. Speaking of Mikey, what was that whole thing last night? Neither one of you told us," Ashton joined in. 


"I don't know, why don't you ask Michael?" 



I jumped off my bunk, leaving my to get a banana from the kitchen area.


"Well we would, be he went on vacation to Aussie."


"Aussie? Why'd he go to Aussie. All our family is in L.A except for Cal's right now. Couldn't he just spend time with them here?" I ask, panicked. 


"Wellll," Calum started, taking out his phone, "According to his text-"


"Text? I didn't get a text." 


"Well he was pretty pissed at you last night... But as I was saying.. The text he sent  that he felt bad for all of us leaving Addie so suddenly like, so he asked our manager if he could leave and hey said yes."


"What about the album?"


"He finished his background vocals."




"He'll be back before we need him for it." 


I felt a panic inside me due to the fact I can't trust Michael with Adelaide. Never have, never will.


"Gosh Luke, you seem so tense right now.. Seriously, what is going on." Ashton commented, obviously trying to hold in his giggles. 


"Ughhhhhh... You guys are sooo annoying. If you have to know, I broke up with Adelaide."


"YOU DID WHAT!?!?" They shouted at me in unison. "WHEN WAS THIS?!?!" 


"Umm... Yesterday?"


"Well I see why he was so mad. Why the freak did you break up with her anyways? She's done so much for us, especially you. She was the one who got us all the instruments and she recorded all our covers and helped edit them. She covered for us when we missed s-"


"You guys expect me to stay with her just because she helped launch our careers?"


"Dude, calm down," Ashton started while hiding underneath his duvet, "I'm just asking, why?"


"There was no point. She was in Aussie and I'm here. When she's awake, I'm asleep, when I'm awake, she's asleep."


"No point? If you really loved her you would've tried to keep her."


"Look I broke up her, it wasn't the other way around. It's not the end of the world." 


"Whatever Luke, if you need us we'll be playing video games." 


They both left me in the bedroom and I threw myself onto my bed, screaming into my pillow. Maybe I should try to win he back... But with Michael in the picture, it might've been too late. 

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