Struck By Lies {5SOS}

Band sluts. What are you gonna do with them? Best friends are unpredictable, especially when your band mate has a crush on your girlfriend. Luke's fall out with Adelaide gives her an opening with Luke's bandmates, but how does that play out?


26. Pizza Date

Michael's POV


From: Calum

Dammit Michael, really?


From: Michael

I don't believe you. I feel like this is Luke. I don't trust whatever is going on around there. Call me instead. 


I sent the text and waited for my phone to ring. 


"Hi Michael..." I heard Calum say dimly. 




"Ok, so yeah?" 


"Yeah to what..." I asked, reassuring myself that it was Calum who I had texted earlier. 


"Yeah, will you be coming back to record with us and bring Addie with you?"


"Hell yeah Calum. I gotta go, Addie wants me to get out of the house. We'll see ya in a few days." 


"Bai Calum!" Addie had shouted in the background. 


"What Addie said, bye." I laughed, putting my phone into my back pocket. I stood in my spot for a moment, away from Addie because I knew what would come next. 


"Dammit Michael! Why can't you just play along!" 


"Because I love you, but I'm still competitive." I laughed, bending over a bit lower so that she could climb on my back easier. 


Ever since the two of us became friends, we'd have these mini wrestling competitions. Adelaide has yet to win. 


"Should I give up now?"


"Never, you shall never give up. That little face you make after you lose is just too cute." 


She had accomplished her climbing and was now in the perfect position for me to give her a piggy-back ride. 


"So where to next my princess?" 


"I want food. I made reservations already so that you can't get mobbed again."


"Great.. But where to?" I asked again. 


"Michael, where is the only pizza place around here?" 


"Oh right! That place. Ok, onwards!" I tightened my grip on her so she wouldn't fall and sped off, causing her to laugh. 


"You know Michael, if you keep this up, I might just have to keep you as my own personal mode of transportation. 


"I believe not Miss Adelaide."


"You're right. You make a better boyfriend." 


As I walked with her on my back down the street, we talked about different things, mainly about going to America though. It was her idea and I was in bit of a shock, however it helped. I couldn't be in Australia forever and I know someone as delicate as her wouldn't be able to handle school for such a long time. Everything and everyone is happy. 



Ok, sorry for the terrible chapter. I know, it sucks. It's just a stalling chapter while Kat and I develop some more ideas. We know how this ends. Don't worry. Who wants to guess how it ends though? Haha! Well thanks for ready, love yaaaz ~ Lanna x


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