Struck By Lies {5SOS}

Band sluts. What are you gonna do with them? Best friends are unpredictable, especially when your band mate has a crush on your girlfriend. Luke's fall out with Adelaide gives her an opening with Luke's bandmates, but how does that play out?


9. Lost Boy

Luke's POV


"Dude, if you still like Addie so much and you're afraid Michael is gonna take her away from you, then why don't you just ask her back out?" Calum said, throwing my phone at my face. 


"Owwww.." I rubbed my head, agitated and typed in Adelaide's number.



After the conversation.


"That doesn't sound good," Calum said trying to cuddle me as I laid in my bed starting to feel depressed.


"Aw, poor Lukey... What did she say?"


"Ughhhhhhhhhh..." I rolled over in my bunk, facing the wall and began pounding my head on it.

How could I let this happen. 


4 freaking years together.. I'm so stupid. Time to write a song...

*insert 5SOS' Over and Over here*


I felt a ripple of tears flowing down my face and my pillow was wet now. I shut my bunk closed and began strumming the tune to the new song. I curled up in a ball as more lyrics came too me not wanting to move or see the light.

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