Struck By Lies {5SOS}

Band sluts. What are you gonna do with them? Best friends are unpredictable, especially when your band mate has a crush on your girlfriend. Luke's fall out with Adelaide gives her an opening with Luke's bandmates, but how does that play out?


20. Kiss Me Not

Michael's POV


I walked into Addie's room and found her curled up in a ball. I guess this whole kiss and me and Luke thing was confusing her. 


I walked up to her bed and sat on it. She adjusted, giving me more space to sit. Her head was buried into her pillow, as I rubbed her back. 


"So it 'just felt right', did it?" 


"It's not the time for that Michael," she muffled out. 


"I know I'm sorry, I know you wouldn't have let me see your phone so Cal forwarded the messages to me. I honestly don't know how you're feeling. You might be confused about this, or  maybe you still have feelings for Luke. Whatever it is, know that I'm here."  I put her blanket over her and gave her a kiss on the cheek before turning off her lights. 


Addie's POV


I really didn't know what to do or say. Luke obviously wasn't going to give up, but he's been a real baby about it. 


"Thanks Mikey.... I love you.. " I somehow slipped out before he shut the door. 


"I love you too Adds, now get some sleep, we have more adventures to go on tomorrow. Night." 

I smiled at his innocence and felt the warmth he left on my face. 




"Michaellll!" I screamed, sitting back up. 


Loud foot steps were followed by the burst of the door and a flash of lights. 

"What? What happened? Are you ok?" 


Mikey's POV


Terrified, I ran back to her room and turned on the lights to see that she was still ok. She giggled at my panic and opened up her arms. 


"Yes?" I said, furrowing an eyebrow. 


"I want food.. And a movie.. And cuddling. It's cold." I rolled my eyes and lifted my princess out of her bed, down the stairs and onto the couch. 


"And what movie shall we watch?" 


Instead of giving me a straight answer, she ran to the closet and grabbed out a hat. 


"A Pokemon movie it is then." 


"Yayyy!" She cheered, fitting the Pikachu hat onto my head. 


I still wondered about what she thought of my spiel, but chose to ignore it. I walked over to the couch, with Adelaide following behind, resting her head on my arms. 


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