Struck By Lies {5SOS}

Band sluts. What are you gonna do with them? Best friends are unpredictable, especially when your band mate has a crush on your girlfriend. Luke's fall out with Adelaide gives her an opening with Luke's bandmates, but how does that play out?


11. Desperate For You

Luke's POV


"My heart is breaking away I just dont know what to say I cant believe i let you go And now im here alone Im melting like hot rocks and beating hearts You know i cant take the pain...   I cant hear a word you say My thoughts of you teared to shreds I  know I wont make it on my own Cause i need you here with me i need my saviorrr, my sos..."   I finished the last of the song and began singing the whole thing in my head again, figuring out the chords and notes, writing down whatever came to my mind later on.   


I planned out what I would be doing later on.    In the next few days, I'll have one of the boys convince Adelaide to come visit us in L.A. The first night she gets back, I'll set up the whole thing. Fairy lights, vanilla and confetti cake scented candle and a picnic on Venice beach. I'll plant out notes so she'll think they're from Michael, and sure she might be disappointed if it's not me, but when she arrives, I'll have the guitar she got me signed by Sleeping with Sirens. With the guitar, I'll play the new song.   


I'm not about to lose this fight, not against Michael.


    ***Sorry I didn't update yesterday. I was freaking out about the 5SOS twitcam yesterday. Omg, Michael was smiling yesterday it was too cute!!! Hope you guys liked this crappy chapter, lol***    



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