Struck By Lies {5SOS}

Band sluts. What are you gonna do with them? Best friends are unpredictable, especially when your band mate has a crush on your girlfriend. Luke's fall out with Adelaide gives her an opening with Luke's bandmates, but how does that play out?


27. Acting Weird

Addie’s POV

“I’ve missed pizza so much,” Michael exaggerated taking a large mouthful of his pepperoni pizza.


“We had pizza for dinner last night,” I laughed.


“Frozen pizza doesn’t count,” he mumbled chewed up pizza flying from his mouth in all directions some landing on my face.


“Gee thanks babe,” I muttered grabbing a napkin.


“Nooo!” he shouted taking the napkin from my hands.


“What are you doing?” I asked starting to get annoyed.


“Let me,” Michael said turning from sloppy teenage boy to polite gentleman.


“Don’t worry about it. I’ll go to the bathroom,” I said getting up and leaving for the bathroom.


Michael’s POV

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll go to the bathroom,” she said getting up and leaving for the bathroom.


I sighed sadly. Adelaide’s been acting weird since I told her we were going back to America. She’s become angrier, grumpier, she might just be PMS-ing but all her actions recently like laughing and smiling seem to be forced.


Addie’s POV

I groaned as I looked in the bathroom mirror, there were bits of chewed up pizza all through my hair. Michael’s cute and all but sometimes he’s just disgusting. Lately he’s been acting all romantic and sweet and it’s gotten really annoying. It’s nice that he cares but I can’t keep up with the act. I know he loves me but I don’t love him, I love Luke… don’t I?


Say hello to bad girl Adelaide.


Next chapter coming soon, you won’t know what hits you when this fanfics ends ;)




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