The Power Within

17 year old Scarlet Deane is a good student with a boring life,...according to her. She is bored of her boarding school, students, teachers, lessons, nothing is fun anymore and the question of who she is, is coming more up lately. Since there is no escape from her school the only thing she can do is hoping that the answers to her questions she has been seeking for will find her instead.
And upon the arrival of a new student called Drake Pyrone, Scarlet's prayers are answered.


6. Scarlet

Scarlet had no idea what happened, whatever it was, it was bad. Drake fell and in a split second Andrew was standing over him with a knife.   She never had seen Andrew this way before, he looked evil almost demonic. "Well, look what we've got here." Andrew said while grabbing Drake's face and sqaushed it between his hands. "Looks like a lost one." He completed his sentence.   "Andrew stop! What are you doing?" I screemed.   Andrew stopped squashing Drake's face and punched him instead. Drake grabbed his face and I could see blood on his hands. Meanwhile Andrew was already five steps away from me with his knife still in his hand. His body posture was different he walked up straight like a deciplined soldier he smiled at me like we were having a regular conversation, but that is something you usually do without a knife.   "What the are you doing?" I asked him.   "I'm doing the right thing that's all that matters."   "And those that include punching people in the face?!?"   "No, he wasn't supposed to be here the only thing in the plan was killing you."   This moment was definitely the only moment in my life I was left speechless. Andrew was the only one I ever trusted as a friend the only thing that was real for me in a fake world. And now the only person I would trust with my life will take it, but why?   "No last words Scarlet?"   "Why?"   Andrew looked surprised, how could a single word surprise him?   "You don't know anything, you don't know what you are, who you are, am I right?"   "Yes I do, it's me Scarlet."   Andrew was now standing in front of me the point of his knife was digging in to my chest right above my heart. And he still was smiling I pinched myself hoping it was a dream but unfortunatly I was really stuck in this nightmare.   "Scarlet you are more than you think you are, but it seems like you'll never find out.... Goodbye Scarlet it was fun hanging out with you."   I closed my eyes and waited for it to be over. And then I felt it, something cold went through my chest, the knife went straight through my heart.  Andrew bended over me and whispered in my ear he was sorry. A hand from behind grabbed him and started beating him up. A voice shouted "Hold on Scarlet!" But I was already somewhere else.   "Hello?, is there someone here?"   I was in a black office and literally everything in it was black. The chairs, the windows, the books on the bookshelves. Where did I land I remembered something cold in my body. I was dead. So why am I here?   A door behind me opened. It was a young man I never had seen before. He had black and long hair wich felt on his shoulders. Behind his high cheeckbones I saw his red eyes burning like fire. He wore a  black jacket and jeans and under his jacket was a red shirt with a deep v-neck. Around his neck he wore a long necklace with a small black pentagram and skull hanging from it. He looked about 21 years old, but what would a guy like him do here?   "Hello Scarlet I've been looking forward to meeting you although I wish I would've met you a little later, you still are young." The guy said with a smooth voice.   "Am I dead?"   "Yes" The guy said casually.   "Are you the grim reaper or something?"   The guy chuckled, Scarlet felt stupid.   "No, I don't look like him do I? But it would be bad to look like him. Let's say I am his boss."   "So you are the devil?" Scarlet felt even more stupid the moment she asked that question.   "I prefer Lucifer, but yes I am the devil."   "What am I doing here than?"   "You're dead remember? I know it might be a shock for you but that's reality."   "I need to sit down." I felt like I was just having a bad dream but I knew he was speaking the truth.   "Please feel at home I was going to ask you to sit down anyway"   I sat down in a big black couch and Lucifer sat down on a black chair in front of me.   "Scarlet I know it might be a shock for you to be here but I'm only here to help you."   "I'm dead."   "And I'm the devil. Scarlet I'm here to give you a present."   "Don't you mean a deal?"   "I see you have heard a thing or two about me, but we are not here to talk about me, and this isn't a deal its a gift, take it or leave."   "What is this gift then?"   "Life, your life back and not only one life, I give you six lives, if you accept this gift the only thing you'll need to do is to promise me you'll be carefull with your lives. "   "How do I know you speak the truth?"   "Give it a try you've got nothing to lose."   "I don't know, you're the devil, is it right to even consider your gift?"   Lucifer leaned back and put his hand under his chin, he looked like the thinker and he probably was thinking.   "I don't know you are the one that is dead, I give you a chance to live, that's it."   "And what happens if I don't accept?"   "You stay dead, and if you are actually asking where you will go after your death the answer is not heaven and not hell."   "Why?"   "I'm not telling you but maybe someone on earth can."   "Than I see that I don't have any choice left." Lucifer grinned, he knew I accepted his gift. I needed to know what he meant.   "Good any questions?"   "Yes, why are you doing this?"   He looked up to me, his eyes where full of warmth but full of hate at the same time. I thought the Devil wouldn't be like this, so....nice.   "I made a promise a long time ago to someone I would take care of you, now goodbye Scarlet and hopely I won't see you soon."   Lucifer reached out his hand and touched my forehead. Everything in front of me got blurry. I couldn't see anything, but I could here whispers all around me. I felt like I was about to throw up. And suddenly it stopped in a second.    I could hear my heart beating. I was alive.   Scarlet opened her mouth and breathed slowly. She opened her eyes as well. She saw Drake's face, he was holding her. They weren't in the gym anymore, they were somewhere outside judging by the raindrops falling on them.   "Drake where are we?" I said as loud as I could, but I still was trying to recover from my sudden resurrection.   "I think I'm going crazy I can hear her voice in my head." He was talking to the wind he didn't notice me yet.   Scarlet gathered all the power she could and put her hand on Drake's cheek. He stopped walking and looked down at her. Disbelief was written all over his face, how could she survive after that knife went straight through her heart. He put his hand under her chin, she had pulse.    "Where are we?" I asked.   "Save" Drake answered shortly.   "Can you put me down please?" Drake didn't answer. He put Scarlet carefully down on her feet, like he was afraid to break her. Just a minute ago she was a lifeless body and now he could see that the light in her eyes had returned.   "Drake, I need you to be honest, what am I?"   "It's a long story..."   "And I have all the time in the world."
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